• So, What Does the PTA Do?

    PTAs are a common pop culture trope (generally characterized as a band of loud talking, coffee-wielding parents), but the Whittier PTA's role in shaping and supporting the Whittier Elementary community is well-established. Since its inception, the Whittier PTA has provided necessary funding, volunteers, and supplies to ensure our Whittier students are supported physically, emotionally, academically, and socially. This year's budget includes:

    • $80,000 in Flexible Staffing Grants
    • $20,000 for Curriculum Enrichment (traditionally used for field trips, author visits, science fairs, enrichment residencies, & more)
    • $10,000 for supplies and services for Whittier families in need
    • $5,000 to support Funding Proposals from the Whittier community
    • $4,000 towards Parent Education events
    • $450 for Playground and Safety Patrol supplies

    In addition to financial support, the Whitter PTA is also passionate about community building. Please join us on Konstella to hear the latest opportunities to connect as a community.

    Throughout this year, the PTA will reach out for fundraising and volunteer support. You'll also learn about opportunities to participate in more substantial advocacy efforts to improve the systemic issues around educational funding, so we can help make lasting change for our community and beyond. If you'd like to volunteer to support fundraising or advocacy efforts this year, please contact volunteers@whittierptaseattle.org

  • Continued Welcome to Our New Wildcats!

    This October, we're continuing to welcome our new Wildcat teachers & staff! 

    • Konstantin Avakyan – Instrumental Music
    • David Bricker – Focus Long Term Sub
    • Sarah DiTullio - Kindergarten
    • Marissa Fitzpatrick - Nurse
    • Katie Jacolev - Speech
    • Stephanie Jansson - Speech
    • Nooria Miskell - Assistant Principal
    • Nauder Motamedi - Kindergarten
    • Olivia Nielson - Physical Therapist
    • Riley Paul - 4th Grade
    • Chris Phengphachanh – Custodian
    • Nebiat Tessema - Social Worker
    • Cindy Watters – Principal
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  • Calling All 5th Grade Families!

    This year, we're celebrating monthly staff appreciation with hosted grab-and-go lunches and supplies, sponsored by each grade. For October, we're asking fifth grade families to sign-up to provide supplies and show their appreciation.

    Learn More & Sign-Up

  • Our PTA Committees Make It Happen

    How does the all-volunteer PTA put on events, raise funds, support students and staff, connect families, and more? We have great volunteers and families join committees to support one-time and day-to-day tasks. Check out the "Committees" forum on Konstella, Whittier PTA's app that connects classroom families, offers Directory information, and has the most updated, comprehensive events calendar. Haven't joined Konstella yet? Join here! Want help navigating Konstella? Check out our new help guide!

    Join Konstella

  • Thanks to Illumination Learning Studio!

    Thanks to PTA's new sponsor, Illumination Learning Studio! Your support helps makes the Wildcats great! For more information on ILS, including their School Break camps, visit Illumination Learning Studio.

    Do you know a local business that wants to support the Whittier community? Contact us!

  • Whittier Students Make a Difference!

    When 2020's 5th grade class was unable to attend their planned NatureBridge trip, the class decided to donate their trip funds to the Whittier PTA. Thanks to their generosity, this year the PTA will be installing a Buddy Bench and Funnel ball pole on the playground. Paws up for Wildcats!

  • Thanks for October's First Friday Fun!

    Thanks to PTA Events & Hospitality for First Friday Fun, where we picked pumpkins, celebrated with the Wildcat, were reunited with Lost & Found items, and reconnected at pick-up. Join us for our next First Friday Fun on November 5 at pick-up outside of the main entrance!

  • Fun Fact: Whittier Elementary was originally called the "North End School" and opened in 1908.

  • Did You Know?

    In the US, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 - October 15, during a time when several Latin American countries celebrate the anniversary of their independence. Some people call this celebration Latinx Heritage Month - let's explore why!

    People sometimes use Hispanic and Latinx interchangeably – but they’re not the same at all. The term “Hispanic” refers to a shared language, and includes Spanish-speaking people from Spain and Latin American countries where Spanish is spoken, but excludes countries that speak languages other than Spanish. The term “Latinx” is a non-binary, inclusive term that refers to a tie to the land, including countries that were formerly colonized by Spain as well as countries where indigenous languages are spoken. You may also hear the terms "Latine" or "Latinidad." Latinx, Latine, and Latinidad refer to a spectrum of races, countries, and languages that all have a tie to a culture or place.

    Does your family celebrate Hispanic or Latinx Heritage Month? How do you like to celebrate?

    Learn more

  • Fundraise While You Shop!

    These retailers donate a % of your purchases to the Whittier PTA at no additional cost to you:

    AmazonSmile (smile.amazon.com)
    Select “Whittier PTA Seattle Council” during the easy set-up at smile.amazon.com. Always shop at smile.amazon.com (bookmark it!) and AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchases to Whittier PTA. NEW: Find instructions at smile.amazon.com to activate AmazonSmile in the mobile app, too (requires renewal twice per year).

    Fred Meyer (fredmeyer.com/i/community/community-rewards)
    Link your Fred Meyer Rewards card to “Whittier PTA” (Organization #DV522). You keep your Rewards points!

    Ballard Market (1400 NW 56th St.)
    Collect your receipts in an envelope labeled “Whittier PTA - Ballard Market Receipts” and deliver them to school via your student’s Take-Home Tuesday folder; in the mail slot at the front entrance; or at the Whittier PTA tent on First Fridays. Ballard Market donates 1% of all purchases to Whittier PTA.

    Learn More About Fundraising

  • Mr. Pule's Walk & Wheel Challenge!

    Let’s try to decrease the number of Wildcats driven to school by private vehicle whenever possible! Mr. Pule is challenging the Whittier community to walk, bike, bus, unicycle, park/walk all month long (and beyond!).

    Here is a “Walk and Wheel Calendar” to help track your efforts. Mark if you walked, bussed, biked or “wheeled” to school roundtrip for each day in October! Walks to the bus stop count, as do trips using skateboards, scooters and unicycles. Even those who need to be car-dropped, there is a “park and walk” option (park and walk at least 1/4 mile or approx. 2-4 blocks). Tally your trips and turn the calendar in by Thursday, November 4th to the box outside the gym. Wildcats can earn an incentive or two. 

    Please remember that both 13th Ave NW and 14th Ave NW are closed to traffic and there are a number of No Parking Zones (corners and near crosswalks) on NW 75th St.  Our Wildcat Safety Patrol would appreciate the assistance in keeping our community safe throughout the school year. 

    Questions? Contact: Mr. Pule in the gym or at bspule@seattleschools.org

  • Thank you, Whittier Families!