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Go Wildcats!

The Whittier Elementary PTA is a volunteer-led group that raises funds for essential school services, organizes community events, offers information and resources to Whittier families, and supports the school’s staff throughout the school year. We work together to make sure our community’s kids and their families have best possible elementary school experience and that the Whittier’s teachers and staff feel appreciated.

We strive to be an inclusive community where everyone feels welcome. If you ever feel like we’re not living up to that ideal, we want to hear from you. We’re always looking for volunteers and in particular invite parents of children in grades K-2.


Your membership makes our work possible. Stay in the know, have a say in the issues that are important to our community, and connect with school leaders and other parents.


We need your help to make it all happen. Interested in getting involved, either a little or a lot? Find out how.


End the dreaded “When’s what happening?” cycle. Be the first to hear about school events, connect with families in your child’s classroom, signup for extra-curricular activities, join PTA meetings, and more.