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Annual Give 2023

Annual Give is here! It’s Our Time to Shine through Nov 17th!

Donations of all sizes are welcome and every donation supports Whittier this school year. We are aiming for 100% participation this year in our Annual Give campaign. Not sure why we fundraise?

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Submit Your Annual Give Form and Envelope by Nov 17th!

Your Wildcat received an Annual Give flyer and envelope on 10/31 in their backpack! We’re asking every Wildcat to complete the Annual Give form and return it in their envelope by 11/17. 

  • If you haven’t yet made a donation towards this year’s fall fundraising that goals towards essential staff and services this year, please complete the form, make a donation online (in any amount that feels right for your family), place the form in the envelope, and send it back to school with your student.
  • If you have already made a donation this year, please complete the form noting your contribution, place the form in the envelope, and send it back to school with your student.
  • Lost your form? Download a new one to print here.

Every Wildcat that returns their envelope by 11/17 will be automatically entered into a raffle to win either a signed Seahawks football or signed Seahawks jersey. And the first class to reach 100% participation by turning in all their envelopes will get a special cookie or donut celebration!

Our Financial Goal

This year’s “Wildcats Shine” Annual Give campaign is part of our Fall Fundraising Drive and one of Whittier PTA’s three primary fundraisers. To fund the programs and services we’re committed to support, Whittier PTA has set a Fall Fundraising goal of $80,000. This works out to a suggested donation of $250 per student.

However, we know this is a big ask—please do what is right for your family and know that ALL donations are appreciated. From $10 to $1000, EVERY donation fuels the school; and EVERY student, teacher, and family benefits.

Our Volunteer Goal

In addition to the financial support, we are asking each family to sign up for one volunteer opportunity this year. On the annual give website, there is a drop-down menu to choose what event works best for you to volunteer at this year.

Ways to Donate

  • OnlineOne-time and recurring payments available
  • By check (made payable to Whittier PTA): attach your check to the “Wildcats Shine” Response Card and return it in the yellow envelope via KidMail or in the mail slot at the school’s front entrance.
  • Employer Matching: Amplify your gift by participating in your employer’s Corporate Matching Program. Don’t know if your company offers employer matching? Visit our Employer Matching page to determine next steps.

Families will receive their “Wildcats Shine” campaign materials via KidMail on Tuesday, October 10. Please submit your donation (online or by check) no later than November 17.

All donations are 100% tax deductible. You will receive a receipt from Whittier PTA after you’ve submitted your donation.

This year, in lieu of “donation gifts” and just collecting more stuff for the house, we will be having a school party to celebrate our fundraising success if we are able to hit the $80,000 goal.  More party details to come later! 

We also ask each family to choose one event to help out with this school year because having you present here at Whittier actually does make a huge difference. Help us build community, enrichment and support by investing in these kids and making a difference in their education! 

Why Do PTAs Fundraise?

You may have heard about PTAs and Boosters in the past. PTA funds play an important role in Seattle Public Schools. SPS’ weighted funding model, which ensures low-income communities receive more funding, relies on PTAs to fill in known gaps in school budgets.

21st in Size – 41st in Funds
For the 2023-24 school year, Whittier is ranked the 21st largest elementary school in SPS. Out of 63 schools, Whittier ranked 41th in discrete funding in the same school year.  The PTA provides extra funding to bridge the gap in the following ways.
The PTA supports funding for Nurse Marissa
Whittier teachers and staff voted to spend 50% of  building discretionary funds to increase Nurse Marissa’s staffing by another .5 days per week, knowing the PTA funding could meet their needs
SPS funds 70% of the Specialist Schedule; PTA funds the Rest
The PTA funds the remaining 30% with Flexible Funding Grants- supporting .5 FTE and full week engagement from the Specialist team. This allows us to have 5 days a week of Specialist classes.
PTA supports funding for Reading Intervention position staffed by Ms. Trilby
Whittier receives only 25% of funding needed for a 4-day per week Reading Interventionist
As a Tier 4 school, Whittier is ineligible for most SPS or Seattle Levy funding for literacy support beyond our 1 day per week of intervention ($40,000) and .5 Librarian FTE.
PTA funds allow our Wildcats to work with the incredible Ms. Trilby, close reading gaps and reduce the number of students who fall behind in Reading. Principal Watters uses the PTA’s Flexible Staffing to efficiently spread Specialist funding and add the remaining 75% needed for our Literacy Specialist to her budget. This gives us 4 days a week of reading intervention, serving THREE TIMES as many students.

Learn more about SPS’ Weighted funding model by watching this talk by Principal Watters last year:

Go Wildcats!