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Employer Matching Programs

Amplify your support of Whittier PTA by participating in your company’s Corporate Matching Program and/or Volunteer Matching Program. For example:

  • A company might donate $1 for every $1 you donate; and/or,
  • A company might donate a set amount (e.g., $25/hour) to Whittier PTA for every hour you volunteer with our organization. 

How to participate:

  1. Contact your company’s HR department to determine if they have a Corporate Matching Program and/or Volunteer Matching Program. If so, request information and procedures. Whittier PTA can not sign up on your behalf.
  2. Upon completion of your donation or volunteer commitment, complete all appropriate employee forms to request the matching dollars. The legal name of our organization is Pta Whittier Seattle Cncl 6 15 370 (EIN: 91-1479413). A Whittier PTA Board Member can provide any documentation required by your organization.
  3. If applicable, submit your form to the Whittier PTA via KidMail or in the mail slot at the front entrance of the school. Please put it in an envelope marked Whittier PTA.
  4. Most companies distribute matching dollars on a quarterly basis. Please confirm with your company that your matching donation has been processed.

Please contact us with questions.