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PNW Parent Education Talk: Consent At Every Age

This event has ended

Join PNW Parent Education as we partner with Jo Langford, M.A., to bring you Consent at Every Age: Why and How We Need to Talk to Our Young People About Consent. Virtual talk is on March 29 from 7-8:30pm. Register at 

With our evolution both culturally and technologically, a new awareness is emerging about why and how we need to speak to our young people about consent. In this talk with Jo Langford, M.A., we will take a deep dive into all things consent, including:

  • A comparison of passive and affirmative consent
  • A breakdown of the biggest hurdles and potholes young people face with regard to consent, and how we can counterbalance them.
  • Definitions and discussions of concepts such as true consent, virginity and rape culture
  • Primers on gender issues, adolescent brain development and best practices for negotiating consent with screens
  • Tips and tricks for parents, a healthy dose of Q&A and a few fun games

About Jo Langford

Jo Langford is a dad, a Master’s level therapist, author, and sex educator for tweens, teens, and parents in Seattle, Washington. For the last 20 years, Jo has worked in the intersection of adolescence, sexuality, technology, and behavior. His work promotes healthy, positive, and safe sexual and social behavior.

About PNW Parent Education

PNW Parent Education is a local nonprofit that brings the best experts in the nation to speak to our community on crucial parenting topics such as mental health, digital safety, equality, privilege/overindulgence, and more. Every quarter, we offer FREE, high-quality parent education events geared towards families, caretakers, and educators. We believe that better-informed families make stronger communities.