• About the Whittier PTA

  • Mission

    Whittier PTA mission is to partner with and advocate for students, families and teachers to provide a safe and inclusive environment, equitable resources, and engaging opportunities to enable all of our children to reach their full, unique potential.

  • What We Do

    Through fundraising and the help of parent volunteers, the PTA provides outreach, organizes special events and activities, hosts parent education events, plans and coordinates teacher appreciation activities, and supports enrichment opportunities for all students.

    Your contributions fund many programs and services THIS YEAR:

    Essential Staff Positions + Support (60%)
    More time with Key Support Staff and Specialists ⭑ Professional Development ⭑ Staff Appreciation

    Enrichment (23%)
    Grade-Level Curriculum Enrichment ⭑ Library Books + Supplies ⭑ Guest Artists + Authors ⭑ Funding Proposals ⭑ Reflections Art Contest ⭑ STEM Fair ⭑ Global Reading Challenge

    Family Events + Resources (13%)
    Community Engagement ⭑ Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee ⭑ Scholarships ⭑ Family Communications Platform ⭑ Family Support Services ⭑ Safety

    Operations Costs (4%)
    Insurance, Bank + Licensing Fees ⭑ General Supplies + Printing ⭑ Accounting Software

  • Meet the Board

    The Whittier PTA is powered by dozens of parents and staff members who do everything from helping to organize and run events, raising funds, planning parent education events, shaping our school’s EDI efforts, and coordinating community outreach. Leading their efforts are the members of the Whittier PTA board, who each oversee a different facet of the PTA’s work.

    We’re such a fun bunch, you might just be tempted to join us next year. (You’ve been warned. Just kidding, but only kind of. We’re always on the hunt for more parents who want to help make Whittier even better for everyone.)

    And if you see us at school or around the neighborhood, come say hi! We love getting to know the families in our community.