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’23-24 Specialist Schedule

At Whittier, students rotate which Specialist they visit every two days (AA/BB/CC). Classes visit the same Specialist class two days in a row before rotating to the next. Holidays are skipped over (resuming wherever classes left off in the rotation) so no classroom misses specialist instruction. Classes start the school year rotation with the Specialists below. If you’re looking for more specific direction on where your classroom is in their rotation, teachers often provide Specialist schedules to their classroom families.

When preparing for your rotations, please be sure students have gym shoes for their PE rotation and masks for Performing Arts (for singing).

TIMEA (PE)B (Art)C (Performing Arts)
(Wed: 8-8:35am)
Childers (5th)PCPProvence (5th)
(Wed: 8:40-9:15am)
Shellenberger (1st)Hansen (1st)Worotikan (1st)
(Wed: 9:20-9:55am)
PCPOgle (4th)Richmond (4th)
(Wed: 10-10:35am)
DiTullio (K)Keener (K)O’Rourke (K)
(Wed: 11:50am-12:25pm)
Baldi (3rd)Peterson (3rd)Focus
(Wed: 12:30-1:05pm)
Parekh (2nd)Leming (2nd)Mayo (2nd)
(This rotation began on Monday, September 11, 2023).