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PTA Board Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2022

Whittier PTA Board Meeting

March 8, 2022

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

ZOOM Meeting

Meeting ID: 864 5941 6022  Passcode: wildcats


  1. Kristen Ramer Liang
  2. Tina Lilley
  3. Anna Hume
  4. Kathleen Donahoe
  5. Tricia Schalekamp
  6. Renee Hartnett
  7. Kate Scher
  8. Kate Mathews
  9. Kellie Pecoraro
  10. Courtney Sievers
  11. Megan Wildenradt
  12. Leah Lansberry-Austin
  13. Sara Lukas
  14. Sandra Klay
  15. Cindy Watters
  16. Emma Kocher
  17. Julia Liang

7:04    Meeting Called to Order, Approval of February Board Meeting Minutes

Kathleen motioned, Courtney seconded – Meeting minutes approved. (vote was at 8:46 pm)

Land Acknowledgement by Kristen Liang

7:05    Staff Update 

7:15    Principal Update

  • Student Guest Speakers – Emma Kocher & Julia Liang
  • EMMA – 5th Grade Celebration
    • 5th grade classes could take a day off to go to a park, have pizza & play games
    • Stay at school – all 3 classes could have different activities ie; movies, arts & crafts, games
    • Parks – salmon bay, carkeek, Kirke – going somewhere because then the other classes won’t be there
    • Emma is happy to be on an organizing committee
  • JULIA – Bathrooms, Library – non-fiction books, Food Quality at Lunch
    • Bathrooms – toilets should have seat covers to be more sanitary (flushable covers)
    • Library – Doesn’t have a lot of diversity, especially about people. For example, people who helped make our community the way it is now.
      • (Cindy posed question:  How we could get more diverse books?) A:  School families could donate books about certain topics
    • School Lunches – The food should be better quality.
      • Half of the pasta wasn’t cooked in one of the lunches. Food is soggy and they don’t want to touch it. 
  • (Cindy Question: How could we make the food better?)  A:  Food is in a freezer and heated up in a microwave… they should check it to make sure it’s fully cooked 
  • Julia agreed to be on a Food Service Committee
    • No update tonight, but she has a meeting tomorrow about masking. Her hunch/best guess  is that SPS will probably follow what other schools in the general area are doing with masks. 
    • Masks are included in the MOU (memorandum of understanding). Cindy doesn’t think it requires a vote, but she thinks that it is just agreement between leadership teams
  • BUDGET – not great, not horrible
    • Down 1 homeroom teacher
    • She’s working on getting universal intervention support… She thinks it’s inequitable to not have the same support available to Whittier as other schools in this department. 
    • Prides of March – loosely organized but hoping it’ll be better next year
    • Cindy wants to support “safe conversations” Kids are picking up on current events… Russia/Ukraine, LGTBQ issues
    • Spirit Days – low barrier to participation, no purchases for these days, something you don’t really have to plan for – No heavy lifts! 
    • Door decorating at the end of the month! Parents will be able to help, but 80% of the door will be done by the kids. Doors will show who the classroom is as a community.

7:30    President’s Report – Kristen & Tina

  • 3/15 Community Meeting (platform, presentation, member voting)
  • Spring Fling Update – Sandra
    • Great committee, about 15 volunteers who are rocking & rolling
    • 5-9 pm, no kids – set-up/tear-down earlier/later than that window
    • We can use the blacktop and the gym – will be using it for 
    • Food Truck – Dantes – hot dogs, Veraci – Pizza
    • There will be drinking – out on the street. No alcohol on school premises
    • Games – Corn Hole, other outdoor games
    • Sandra has a permit – WA State liquor & cannabis board, will also get block party permit
      • Planning to let neighbors know that the event will be happening
    • Expenses – Minimal – trying to use things from school.. ie;  tables, canopies from family
    • Decor Team
    • Standing meeting 7-9 pm 
    • Special Guest DJ might be a possibility… 
    • Procurement – Elliott has been doing an amazing job. He’s contacted 88 businesses. Mix of printed emails, online forms too. 6 donations so far, but many more coming. 20 more in-person drops planned for this week.
  • Virtual School Tours Update – Megan, Sara, Tricia
    • Good turnout for the virtual tours
  • Room Rep Emails – Kate
    • Wants us to consolidate requests via her so we don’t overwhelm room reps

7:50    Treasurer’s Report – Renee

  • Budget Update (February reports): Balance Sheet, Budget vs Actuals, Profit & Loss
  • Budget Survey Update
    • 166 responses
    • Interest in funding staffing 89%
    • Funding equity initiatives 72%
      • People like specific
    • Funding various PTA initiatives priority in survey results
      • enrichment activities 
      • academic enrichment 
      • equity 
      • field trips 
      • community events
  • Budget Committee Update
    • budget numbers from district are not good
  • Staffing Grant Request for 2022/23
    • 2.5 PCP funded next year (vs 3 for this year)
    • staffing 90K – this keeps it so we retain staffing levels of reading specialists and PCP
    • Reading Interventionist serves a larger group of students than any homeroom teachers
    • Kathleen asked what happens if we don’t make fundraising numbers. Renee said fundraising forecasts are pretty conservative and that people want to know what they need to give.
    • Another comment was made that we need to continue/increase advocacy efforts to change the way things are funded… “BOTH/AND” re: Fundraising and Advocacy
  • VOTE – Courtney motioned to put a $90K staffing grant up for approval at the Community Meeting; Kathleen seconded 

8:10    Nominating Committee Update – Leah

  • Received responses from half of the board
  • Still need more people to get involved
  • Talked about bringing FACE (Family and Community Engagement) committee efforts back

8:20      Chair Reports

9:04    Meeting Adjourned

Social hour (if you are able to join) via Zoom

Reminder of Upcoming Dates:

3/15 Spring PTA Community Meeting

3/24 EDI Committee Meeting

4/11-4/15 Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)

4/19 Monthly PTA Board Meeting