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Learn More: School Budgets Discussion with Principal Watters

If you missed last month’s budget conversations with Principal Watters, we encourage all members of our community to watch this virtual version to better understand how Whittier’s budget works and the PTA’s role. As SPS’ budget woes continue, we’ll need to be more transparent and proactive in understanding the important role our PTA plays to close funding gaps within SPS’ funding model. If you have any questions about Whittier’s budget, please reach out to Principal Watters. If you’d like more information about how Whittier PTA funding and fundraising works, please contact us.

Looking for even more information? Here’s a little more about SPS’ budget and funding:

Want to share your voice? You can always reach out directly to SPS using their “Let’s Talk!” feature (see the menu in the bottom right here). Our district is currently waiting for a school board director appointment, but you are always encouraged to share your voice during school board meetings (learn more about how to participate here) and by reaching out to the board as a whole using the form on this page.