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PTA Meeting Minutes: 1/9/24

Whittier PTA Board Meeting

January 9, 2024

7:00pm Zoom
Meeting ID: 817 3911 8250
Passcode: wildcats


  • Renee Hartnett – Co-President
  • Courtney Sievers – Co-President
  • Jess Templeton – Vice President (running reflections contest) 
  • Michelle Nemeth – Treasurer 
  • Melissa Ivancevich – Co-Secretary (attended vida Zoom) 
  • Emily Robertson – Co-Secretary
  • Meg Herscher (New communications chair)
  • Kate Scher – Communications (Website/Wildchat)
  • Kiana Swearingen – Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Chair
  • Glenda Elley – Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Ashley Schiavone – Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Anjean Vanden Bosch – Volunteer Chair & Membership Chair
  • Meg Pietz – Family and Community Engagement – Events Chair
  • Emily Schweiger – Family and Community Engagement – Outreach Chair
  • Jen Foreman – Programs Co-Chair
  • Laura Zingg – Programs Co-Chair; Student Directory
  • Jon Overman – Legislative Representative (primary) (attended via Zoom) 
  • Molly Firth – Legislative Representative (secondary)
  • Emily Grosse – Hospitality Co-Chair 
  • Nicole Kaczmarek – Director at Large
  • John Shaw – Tech Support
  • David Peabody – Move-a-thon
  • Mendy Minjarez – Spirit Gear
  • Sara Lukas – Room Parent Coordinator


  • Kellie Pecoraro
  • Brianna Mercker 
  • Suman Pradhan
  • Andrea Pungoti
  • Tanya Cunningham
  • Rachel Wold
  • Meena Lenn
  • Lana Sturmer


  • Meeting Called to Order / Land Acknowledgment at 7:01 PM
  • Intros – fave book or movie and PTA role, kids and grades
  • Vote to approve November PTA meeting minutes
    • Jess Templeton motioned to approve 
    • Emily Grosse seconded
    • Approved


  • Thank you’s:
    • Kraken Ice Skating Event
    • Literacy night 
    • Helping Hands/Mittens
    • Anjean – membership education & communication.
      • Now have around 136 members up from 70 something at beginning of year 


  • Board Update
    • Meg Herscher – Communications Chair
    • Brie Gardner – Spring Fling co-chair (needs second)
      • Date: May 18th. 
      • Theme: Follow the call to the disco ball. 
      • First meeting this Thursday, 1/11. 3 responses to volunteer asks. Still looking for procurement team. 
      • Same format as last year minus wine wall and aviator photos
  • Surveying for preferences 
  • Budget
    • Budget conversations starting in February 29th 8am coffee, Feb 29th pints with principal, zoom option on March 7th.
  • Mariners Event in spring – date TBD


  • Land Acknowledgement update from Kiana
    • Current practice
    • Why does SPS have different language than Whittier? 
    • Evolution
    • Land acknowledgements can be token, not meaningful
    • Still relevant if doing a specific call to action. Generally not recommended for standing meetings, etc. Only if relevant to actual meeting, possibly with local tribal members present
    • The monthly PTA meetings do not meet the parameters of when a land acknowledgment should be used. So we should not use land acknowledgements at every board meeting. 
    • We should use an acknowledgment if there is clear connection in the meeting activities or actions toward native sovereignty or the native land back movement
    • Recommendation for policy to be reviewed annually as part of EDI role.
      • Renee recommending we vote on recommendations from EDI
        • Glenda motioned to approve EDI recommendations
        • Jen Foreman seconded
  • Approved
  • Standing Rules
    • Renee motioned to approve standing rules as revised
    • Second Glenda
    • Approved
  • Update on Gaga Ball
    • Estimated delivery Feb 20th
    • Working on getting donated lumber
    • Octagon 20-30 kids
    • ADA door 
    • 5th grade fundraiser, co-creation of rules 
  • Lana Sturmer – whittier parent. Idea for what to do with lost and found
    • Non-profit that creates inclusive communities for kids with disabilities.
    • Northwest Center – The Big Blue Truck – Value Village
    • Cindy is a big supporter of this. Wants the big blue bin inside Whittier with signage explaining what it means. Lana will help manage program. Not throwing things away but giving things new life. Strategically find place for it.
      • Renee motions to approve implementation of program. 
      • Melissa seconds 
      • Approved. New program to implement 


  • VP – Jess Templeton – Reflections Updates
    • Lessons learned 
    • Next year directing messaging to kids, maybe through Mr. Buck
  • VP – Jess Templeton – Nom Com
    • End of Jan. let folks know if continuing to next year
    • Mendy – reminder: nom com process is supposed to be confidential. Notes should not be open to board. Internal discussions should not be made public etc. 
  • Events – Meg Pietz
    • Family Dance and Game Night – Michelle Nemeth helping. Friday the 1st of March – DJ Ms. Steph 
  • Spirit Gear – Mendy
    • Now that we have a communications chair, we should keep sending out link about ordering spirit gear on-demand. 
    • Haven’t updated many designs recently – classic and modern. Can create new things! Survey to see what people want/need.
  • Move-a-thon Chair David Peabody
    • Sponsorship Trader Joe’s, Swansons, Brook’s, Fred Meyer
    • Stuff – fidgets, water bottles, stickers
    • General note that sweat bands are a good option for swag

TREASURER’S REPORT (Michelle Nemeth) 

  • Review of Financial Reports from 2023
    • November
      • Income: $38,375.35
      • Expenses: $635.53 (fall festival) 
    • December
      • Income $14,079.32 income
      • Expense $27,828.80 expense
    • Fundraising $82,766 annual give 
    • Reports weren’t sent out yet 
    • Huge shout out for annual give! 


  • Thank you for land acknowledgement update
  • How do we bring people into the PTA? 
  • Mike Clay – old school sweatshirt design “Whittier Established 1908” second bld added 1929. Both demo’d 1998. New building opened in 1999. 
  • Staff love gear gifts
  • Thank you for support of Fragile Families
  • Annual Give in school party – keepin’ it simple. Fun, different. Popcorn party?
  • Massive Monkeys in March


  • Sped classroom rep
  • Spring Fling Co-Chair
  • Tax person

Meeting Adjourned 8:39 PM