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PTA Board Meeting Minutes – Oct 12, 2021

Board Members

  • Tina Lilley
  • Kristen Ramer-Liang
  • Kellie Pecoraro
  • Anna Hume
  • Kate Scher
  • Courtney Sievers
  • Sara Lukas
  • Renee Hartnett
  • Tricia Schalekamp
  • Amy Bryan
  • Megan Wildenradt
  • Brad Nelson
  • Leah Lansberry Austin
  • Kathleen Donahoe


  • Cindy Watters
  • Laura McLaughlin
  • Steve French
  • Will Kruse

Meeting Called to Order / Land Acknowledgment at 7:01pm

Approval of September 2021 Meeting Minutes 

Presidents Update

Co-president Kristen Ramer-Liang shared some points with us from a local author, consultant and educator, who spoke about racial equity in education at a recent WSPTA meeting: 3 great points for PTA leaders:

➢    lead with your assets

➢    no shame, blame or guilt, this is a place for conversation, all views should be shared

➢    instead of creating safe spaces, create brave spaces. We can all be vulnerable, but also give each other grace.

Nominating Committee is looking for volunteers:

➢    tasked with finding officer positions for next year’s board

Board/Volunteer Updates

➢    Co-President – VOTE to recommend Kristen Ramer Liang

➢    Vice President – VOTE to recommend Leah Lansberry

➢    Volunteer Chair – Kristin Limback


Kellie Pecoraro moved to recommend Kristen as Co-president and Leah as VP, Anna Hume seconded the motion which then passed unanimously.  Executive board voted Kristin Limback onto the board unanimously.

Reflections Contest:

Contest announced today in wildchat. Committee will select up to 12 pieces of art that will go to the district level. Looking for people to be on the committee.

Principal & Staff Updates

Principal Cindy Watters joined us to give an update on the school year so far from the point of view of the staff. She gave a big shout out to our community and nurse Marissa, as we haven’t had any covid exposure at school yet! Also thank you to the hospitality chairs for the First Friday pumpkin event, and thanks for being flexible while we plan activities that follow covid procedures and build community. Thanks for the support from the PTA. Some additional updates:

➢    Lost and found Friday! Stuff coming out on Fridays for caregivers to look through

➢    Whittier added to our special education staffing, one of the few in the district that’s gotten that.

➢    Our new asst principal will be joining for curriculum night and community meeting.

➢    Virtual curriculum night tomorrow!

Then she took some time for Q/A:

Q: Did we get additional clothes for the office?

A: Yes for now. We’ll let you know if we need more.

Q: Will vaccines be offered at school?

A: We are working with nurse Marissa and the district to figure that out. SPS is definitely offering community vaccine clinics.

Q:What will it look like when the school is vaccinated?

A: That’s a question for Dr Faucii! Public health will inform us as we know more.

Q: How are the staff doing?

A: They remain remarkably positive and kind, but exhausted. Tagline for the year is joyfully flexible.  Talking in a mask all day is hard. Keeping distance is hard. But we have incredible staff and they are their best self every day. Curiosity and kindness is the best way for parents to support them.

Q: Any staffing changes with upcoming vax requirements?

A: Thankfully no!

Q: Will we make emergency bags for kids like previous years?

A: At some point we want to think more about that, but we don’t want them to go to waste/expire. Can continue conversation.

Q: Any field trips this year?

A: Likely no, but fingers crossed for yes. Virtual definitely. Massive monkees will  hopefully be in person.

Q: Do we need to think about funding to get everyone to school with bus driver shortage?

A: We have just a handful of families, and I have been able to talk to all these families. Right now we have an AM plan in place. Still trying to figure out after school.

Q: Will parent volunteers be allowed back on campus after vaccines?

A: Currently we are being overly cautious, just in case, but hopefully in Jan.

Q: Are you going to stick around after this year?

A: I hope so!! I would like to be here awhile. Learning a lot!

Treasurer’s Report

We have a  new Budget Dictionary to help us all understand our PTA budget. This will make it more clear what each line item is for and how it should be used. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are confused! We looked at a review of our Financial Reports (September: Budget vs Actual, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss.) Balance sheets are up to date and accurate. All our money is in Homestreet accounts. We had a reserve fund from the 2019-2020  5th grade class’s Nature Bridge fundraising, but it wasn’t in the budget, so it will look like a hit, but we did have the money for it, so it’s ok. Additionally we got the final invoice from SPS, from the flexible staffing grant, and we have 24k owed to SPS. We are NOT going to get the 12k we expected to come back to us from the district. Based on what we’ve already spent, if we fundraise as budgeted, and spend as budgeted, then we will be left with 78k at the end of the year. So, we need to figure out other places to spend our money, if not staffing grants. Still need to finish the financial review committee report from last year. Lastly, we are looking for volunteers for the budget committee. This is a minimal time commitment, 3-4 hours total.

Annual Give Update

Mr Tiger Goes Wild is our theme for the campaigns and community engagement events throughout the year. 75k is our goal for our Annual Give, which is approx. $200 a student. Looking into donor gift options for donations of $100 or more. Also there will be thank you gifts for all the students for reaching our goal. Envelope stuffing campaign coming up! Saving $500 by putting it in kid mail rather than stamps. Looking to create a business directory so we can know who we can support in our community, and who might support us!

Chair Updates


➢    Priority – Get all Room Rets set up and activated in Konstella

➢    By 10/31 – Develop a document/calendar that supports our Room Reps and share out


➢    Membership is at 7 staff and 96 parents/ family members.  Total of 103 PTA members. Going to come up with a quick email to remind people to renew.


➢    We have a new theme and new content areas on the website! Lots of short updates, so making it mobile friendly and can showcase it all.

➢    Digital version mostly, but with a few kid mail editions if necessary.

➢    Contact Kate if you have things you want to put on the website.


➢    Upcoming events:

○      Every 3rd Thursday is staff appreciation with 5th grade this month

○      First Friday: balancing activity with tangible gift for students


➢    Join our next meeting, Thursday 11/4, 7-8:30pm


➢    Representatives Frame and Berry are coming to the Nov. board meeting.

➢    Send in your questions to Megan


➢    Working on a family support drive in Dec. for food/toiletries/gift cards.

➢     Not teaming up Bailey-Getzert this year.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:06pm

Reminder of Upcoming Dates:

10/19               Community Meeting

11/9                 PTA Board Meeting

TBD                  Food & Toiletry Drive