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The Wildchat: 5/28/24

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

There's 17 school days left! Here's your summary of important upcoming dates:

Thank you, Wildcats and the Spring Fling Team!

Congratulations to our Spring Fling team and community for an amazing event earlier this month! Thanks to our community’s participation and generosity, we raised over $83,500–exceeding our $60,000 fundraising goal! Great job, Wildcats!

And a HUGE thank you to our amazing community volunteers, without which this event couldn’t have happened! A special shout out to Brie Gardner, Spring Fling Chair extraordinaire, along with:

  • John Shaw
  • Laura Zingg
  • Emily Grosse
  • Sara Lukas
  • Joni Larson
  • Jess Twardzik
  • Melissa Ivancevich
  • Jess Templeton
  • Melinda Nett
  • Shannon Luoma
  • Elan Simonson
  • Andrea Pungoti
  • Angie Lundstedt
  • Mendy Minjarez
  • Rebecca Grandin
  • Sarah Okun
  • Meg Herscher
  • Kate Scher
  • Mike Nett
  • Ron Sievers
  • Renee Hartnett
  • Courtney Sievers
  • Jenn Foreman
  • Sandy Hawley
  • Sherry Lawson
  • Chris Wylcinski
  • Josette Jeffery
  • David Peabody
  • Rebecca Adamson
  • Katie Stiver
  • Megan Wildenradt
  • Leah Lansberry
  • Anna Reeve
  • Jill Muscatel
  • Courtney Miller
  • Anjean Vanden Bosch
  • Katie Kreiger
  • Ashley Sullivan
  • Erin Lancione
  • Katie Hambley
  • and of course Danny Adamson and The Late Shift

And it’s not too late to contribute to our Spring Fling fundraising goal! We have some hosted parties (fun, themed events hosted by members of our community–some for adults and some for kids!) with spaces left, including Beauty and Bubbles Workshop, 4th-5th grade Skate Party With Mr Pule, Bootcamp and Brunch, Discovery Park Adventure, Dreaming of Dragons, First Grade Moms Happy Hour, and more! Learn more about these hosted parties and buy your tickets here.

Seeking 5-6 Volunteers for Financial Review Committee

Seeking volunteers to complete the 2023-24 PTA Financial Review. There is a checklist to divide up and work through. First meeting via zoom and then follow-ups via email. Work on July-Sept and present brief findings at Sept PTA Meeting. To learn more or sign-up, please contact Michelle, PTA Treasurer. Thanks for considering!

After-School Program Survey

We want to hear from you! How was your experience with after-school programs this year? What clubs would your child be interested in next year? This survey is open to all families, even if your child did not participate in clubs this year. Your feedback will help us plan our program offerings for the next school year! Complete the survey >>

Help Shape SPS' 2025-2030 Strategic Plan

SPS is asking families to share their voice as they develop a new strategic plan to guide the district’s 2025-2030 work. We’re asking all our Whittier families to complete this SPS survey before June 7.

You can also attend special School Board meetings about this strategic plan on May 29 (6-7:30pm) at Robert Eagle Staff, June 5 (6-7:30pm) at Cleveland STEM High School, or June 12 (6-7:30pm) online. Learn more about SPS’ engagement around this strategic planning work here.

Finally, the regular School Board meeting on June 10 is slated to include an update on SPS’ “Well-Resourced Schools,” including a list of closures for the 2025-2026 school year. Learn more about how to watch, attend, or testify during a school board meeting.

Submit Nominations for Volunteer Award!

Do you know someone who has been an exceptional volunteer for the Whittier community over the past year?  If yes, please consider nominating them for the Golden Acorn Award!  This award is given out each year by the PTA  to recognize outstanding dedication to our children and youth, and we know Whittier would not be the special place it is without all the love and energy poured into it by our many volunteers.  Please email nominations to Jess by June 6th.  The recipient does not need to be a PTA member. 

PTA Positions We're looking to Fill for the 24-25 School Year

  • Co-President
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • EDI-Co Chair
  • Comms Website Editor
  • Comms Wildchat Editor
  • Back to Business Chair
  • Fall Festival Chair
  • Spring Fling Chair
  • Student Directory
  • Yearbook
Contact Jess if you’re interested in learning more about any of the roles or have additional questions. 

Great Job, Really Rosie Cast & Volunteers!

Congratulations to the Cast & Crew of this year’s Spring Musical, Really Rosie! Fans and supporters packed Ballard High School’s Earl Kelly Performing Arts Center last Thursday and Friday to catch this exciting, funny performance. This cast and crew of Whittier 4th and 5th graders could only have succeeded thanks to the stewardship of their amazing director team: Ms. Steph (Director), Ada Scales (Assistant Director), and Mr. Collin (Music Director). Click here to check out the musical’s virtual program. This year’s Really Rosie cast includes:

5th graders:
Sydney Hartnett
Reese Pecoraro
Graysen Hawley
Ben Toppenberg
Elsie Smith
Lydia Gaspard
Zoe Johnson
Denali Swearingen
Henry Neuman
Ruby Pope
Isla Herndon-Farnam
Maeve Herndon-Farnam
Henry Gudmastad
Zoe Intawong
Abby Gruber
Vivi Robertson
Myla Gardner
Felicity Foreman
Greta Leuschke
Karolina Makmatova
Margaret Robillard
Rowan Ritchie
Neko Hickey
Hailey Lawson
Michael Mayo
Shoyer Mayo
Madeline Nett
Poppy Tallarico
4th graders:
Aleita Hendricks
Arlo Marshak
Bea Poll
Brook Bahru
Charlie Rust
Claire Chertack
Claire Crockford
Colette Davis
Corrine Kostis
Emersen Rider
Emma Kirschbaum
Everly Grandin
Everly Ringler
Grace Curran
Harlow Hatter
Lauren Egging
Lulu Cook
Leo Wildenradt
Madeleine Gartin
Matilda Boysun
Riley Hammond
Ruby Medina
Ryan Mcdougal
Santi Montesinos Martos
Silas Bendickson
Simone Herten
Sophia Hartnett

And congrats and thank you to Principal Watters for her special guest performances! Finally, thank you to the amazing team of volunteers and crew who helped make this special musical happen:

Aarron Lawson
Angela Buck-Hatter
Angie Bianco
Ashley Ward Gaspard
Ben Peterson
Brie Gardner
Camille Peterson
Chuck Rust
Clark Wildenradt
Diane Clausen
Erin Lancione
Eva Wong
Isaac Hatter
Jennifer Foreman
Jerrica Kostis
Julia Massey
Julie Childers
Julie Vano
Kai Herndon-Farnam
Katherine Abraham
Katie Stiver
Kellie Pecoraro
Kelly Rider
Kendall Scales
Laura Zingg
Lindsay Fasser
Lindsay Robillard
Lisa Davis
Liz Young
Megan Wildenradt
Melinda Nett
Melissa Caviezel
Michelle Nemeth
Mike Boysun
Mike Kostis
Mike Nett
Mindy McGuane
Paul Bianco
Rebecca Grandin
Renee Hartnett
Sandy Hawley
Sarah Bendickson
Sarah Gartin
Scott Ringler
Sherry Lawson
Stacy Tischler
Steve Neuman
Sue Tallarico
Toby Ross
Trisha Kostis
Tyler Gaspard
Valerie Rust
Will Scales

Some pictures of both casts captured by Whittier parent and photographer, Kellie Pecoraro:

Thank you, Wildcats!