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The Wildchat: 11/15/2022

November 15, 2022

Fall Fundraising Final Update: Great Job, Wildcats!

Congratulations, Wildcats! We’ve wrapped up our Fall Fundraising with an amazing $75,885.43 raised through Annual Give and Move-a-thon contributions, reaching 84% of our $90,000 fundraising goal. We’re optimistic that our upcoming Spring Fling Auction and Block Party fundraiser in May will help us reach this year’s total fundraising needs to support the PTA’s budget.

If you contributed and are eligible for Employer Matching–it’s not too late! Let us know if an Employer Match is coming our way so we can include it in our budget.

THANK YOU to our Whittier families and community for participating in our Fall fundraising this year. We’re also excited to congratulate Anne Miller (Mr. Keener’s class) for winning two Seahawks tickets thanks to their participation in Annual Give! For families expecting Annual Give thank you gifts, the Fundraising team is planning to distribute gifts (and donation receipts) the week of 12/12; please stay tuned for details.

Thank you again to our community for your support through our Fall Fundraising campaign; Wildcats are great because of YOU!

What’s Coming Up

Responding to Last Week’s Local School Gun Violence Incident

After last week’s tragedy at Ingraham, many are reeling that gun violence can happen so close to home. The PTA is working to engage with a local non-profit to learn more about how we can support efforts to end gun violence. In the meantime, SPS Coordinated School Health and Staff Wellness (EAP) are available to help our community process this tragic incident. Below are some resources to help families.

Upcoming Holiday Gifting

As we approach the upcoming holiday season, staff and teacher gifting plans generally come up. Participation is always voluntary. If you’d like to be sure you hear about gifting plans, here’s how they’re organized this year at Whittier:

  • Room Reps: Your class Room Rep is the primary way teacher gifts will be organized. Not sure how to hear from your Room Rep? Join your classroom on Konstella and you’ll see your “Room Lead” (Konstella for Room Rep). Click on your Room Lead’s name to message them and make sure they have your contact information.
  • Additional Staff List: Room Reps will provide a list of additional (non-homeroom) staff at Whittier. Families can choose to submit gifts for distribution by the front office.
  • Helping Hands Drive: Details will be distributed soon about how our PTA Outreach team will organize a gift card drive to support Whittier families in need.

Buddy Bench: What the EDI Committee is thinking about this week!

Why are there pronouns in our email signatures & in our zoom names? You may have noticed something new at the bottom of emails coming from us: Little notes listing our personal pronouns.

  • She/her/hers/ella
  • He/him/his/él
  • They/them/theirs/elle
  • Ze/Hir/Hirs

These are just a few examples; there are many different personal pronouns in use today. Whittier staff now list their personal pronouns in their email signatures. Why?

Whittier actively welcomes our transgender and non-binary co-workers, young people, volunteers, and community members. Sharing our personal pronouns affirms our belief that every individual has the right to define their own identity. Putting our personal pronouns in our email signatures is an easy way to let recipients know we honor those definitions—and want to know their personal pronouns, too!

This is another small step in Whittier ’s value of inclusivity. Using names our scholars choose for themselves is not new in Whittier or SPS. At Whittier, everyone is welcome.

Including your personal pronouns in introductions and emails is just one way we can make the world—and Whittier —a more friendly place for trans and non-binary people.

As you discuss Thanksgiving with your children, we hope you’ll reflect and use these resources to guide them to a more comprehensive understanding. It’s critical to address the truth and violence surrounding the day while also ensuring your students feel safe and prepared. It’s also critical to uplift the voices of Indigenous people, many of whom mourn the day and the pain that accompanies it.

Children’s Books for Decolonizing History and Sharing Indigenous Perspectives:

  • When the Shadbush Blooms—Written by Carla Messinger (Turtle Clan Lenape) and illustrated by David Kanietakeron Fadden (Wolf Clan Mohawk)
  • We Are Still Here!: Native American Truths Everyone Should Know and We Are Grateful Written by Traci Sorell (Cherokee)
  • A Day with Yayah—Written and illustrated by Julie Flett (Cree-Métis)
  • Native Americans in History: A History Book for Kids—Written by Jimmy Beason (Eagle Clan Osage) and Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids—Edited by Cynthia Leitich Smith (Muskogee Creek) (geared for older elementary students, but good for building background knowledge) Thanksgiving
  • Thanku: Poems of Gratitude, Edited by Miranda Paul, illustrated by Marlena Myles
  • Article about Thanksgiving from a Native Teacher’s Perspective:
  • Article about how to talk to kids about Thanksgiving:
  • Program to Support the Duwamish Tribe:
  • Cool Printable Placemat for Thanksgiving dinner:

The PTA budget for this event covers the facility and up to 45 Wildcat skate rentals (any caregiver, friend, family member, or Wildcat can join with an $11 skate rental). Please sign up to reserve a complimentary skate rental for your Wildcat by 11/21:

Thank you, Wildcats!