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Author: Communications

Whittier PTA Standing Rules: 2023-2024

Whittier PTA 6.15.370
2023-24 Standing Rules – DRAFT

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

Article 1. Name, Purpose and History of Organization
1.1 The name of this unit is Whittier PTA, local unit 6.15.370 (“PTA”). It was chartered in December

  1. The National PTA number is 23239.
    1.2 The PTA’s mission is to partner with and advocate for students, families and teachers of Whittier
    Elementary School to provide a safe and inclusive environment, equitable resources, and
    engaging opportunities to enable all of our children to reach their full, unique potential.
    1.3 PTA is part of the Seattle Council of the Parent Teacher and Student Associations (“SCPTSA”),
    Washington State Parent Teacher Association (“WSPTA”) and the National Parent Teacher
    Association (“NPTA”), and adheres to the bylaws of those organizations as well as these Standing

Article 2. State and Federal Status, Filings
2.1 The PTA was incorporated as a non-profit corporation on November 28, 1988. It is assigned
corporation account number 2-406818-1. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the Annual
Corporation Report by November 30 of each year.
2.2 The Registered Agent for this corporation is the WSPTA.
2.3 The PTA was granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) on July 13, 1990. The PTA is
registered under the Charitable Solicitations Act, registration Number 5283. The Treasurer is
responsible for filing annual registration by May 31 of each year.
2.4 The Treasurer is responsible for filing the IRS Form 990 prior to November 15 of each year and
providing a copy to the board of directors. Copies of the current and past years’ returns are kept
in the legal document notebooks maintained by the president and secretary.
2.5 The PTA shall purchase appropriate insurance.
2.6 The PTA shall operate in a fiscally responsible manner and comply with the Washington
Nonprofit Corporation Act, the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations and all other applicable
2.7 The PTA will annually review, complete, and implement actions identified on the WSPTA
Standards of Affiliation Agreement.
2.8 The PTA shall keep original copies of all legal documents, including but not limited to the
documents described herein, in a binder maintained by the Secretary and located at Whittier

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

Elementary School. All board members shall have access to the contents of the legal documents
2.9 The PTA shall create a common online database of information relevant to PTA board members,
PTA community members, and Whittier staff. Access to information will be made available to all
parties unless it is deemed necessary by the Executive Committee to limit access (such as
password protected accounts, specific financial information, or private communications.) The
PTA Executive Committee will also manage a centralized database of passwords and financial
account access that will not be made accessible to non-committee members.

Article 3. Membership
3.1 Membership in the PTA is open without discrimination to all parents, teachers, staff,
grandparents, guardians, students, community members, and any other persons who support
the purposes and basic policies of the PTA, upon payment of the required dues.
3.2 The students of Whittier Elementary School shall be considered honorary members of the PTA
but without voice, vote or the privilege of holding office.
3.3 The general membership fees of the Whittier PTA include the combined fees of the NPTA,
WSPTA, SCPTSA, and Whittier PTA. The Whittier PTA portion of the fees shall not exceed $10 for
an individual and $20 for a family. General membership fees for Whittier Elementary teachers
and staff include the NPTA, WSPTA, and SCPTA fees only, and may be set to the next full dollar
amount above the combined non-Whittier fees.
3.4 In the event of any change to the fees charged for membership by the NPTA, WSPTA, or SCPTSA
the total fees charged for Whittier PTA general membership may be adjusted at any time, and
from time to time, by the Whittier PTA Board to reflect those changes.
3.5 The Membership Chair may approve scholarships for individuals, families, teachers and staff in
circumstances approved by the Board and with restricted funds donated for that purpose. In
such cases, the scholarship shall be used to pay the NPTA, WSPTA and SCPTSA fees associated
with the membership, and the Whittier PTA fees shall be waived.
3.6 All memberships extend through October 31 of the following fiscal year.

Article 4. Board of Directors and Committees
4.1 All board members must be PTA members in good standing. To be elected as an officer, a person
must be a member of the PTA.
4.2 The elected officers of the PTA’s Board of Directors are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer,
Assistant Treasurer, Communications Director, and Secretary. This group constitutes the
Executive Committee.

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

4.3 The name of each candidate for an elected officer position must be contained in the notice of
meeting to the general membership. During the general membership meeting, which must be
held prior to the WSPTA election deadline, additional nominations may be made from the floor
with the consent of the nominee. Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of the general
membership voting by ballot at a meeting at which a quorum is present. If only one candidate is
nominated for an office, however, the election may be by voice vote. In the event of a vacancy,
the Executive Committee may appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next general
meeting when the membership shall elect an officer to fill the vacancy following the notice,
nomination and vote requirements herein.
4.4 The PTA Board of Directors consists of the elected officers and the following appointed Directors:
Events Director, Programs Director, Fundraising Director, Outreach Director, Advocacy Chair,
Membership Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Hospitality Coordinator, Equity, Diversity and
Inclusion Chair and Member-at-Large.
4.4a The Member-at-Large position(s) shall be discretionary (optional).
It will be suggested by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the
Executive Committee.

4.5 Once elected, the incoming President shall appoint, and the incoming Executive Committee, by a
vote at a meeting at which a quorum of the Executive Committee is present, shall approve
appointments to the Board of Directors. This action may occur prior to the beginning of the
incoming Executive Committee’s term.
4.6 Elected or appointed positions may be held jointly by 2 people. Each person holding such
position shall be entitled to voice and vote at a Board of Directors meeting. Following the
recommendation of WSPTA, Co-Treasurers are strongly discouraged. A Treasurer with an elected
Assistant Treasurer is a preferred option. It shall be a goal of the PTA, although not a
requirement, to stagger terms where a position is held by two people.
4.7 The School Principal and as many as three staff members are invited to participate in an advisory
capacity at all board meetings (with the exception of when the board is in executive session) and
general meetings.
4.8 PTA board quorum is set at 10 board members. A quorum of the Executive Committee is a
majority of the elected officers.
4.9 This PTA’s Board of Directors will meet approximately monthly on a date and time to be
determined by its current board. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon
written request of the majority of the members of the board consistent with the WSPTA bylaws.
Meetings will generally be open to observation by the general membership, except when the
Board is in executive session; meeting dates, times and locations will be communicated to the
general membership.
4.10 No elected officer may serve in the same board position for more than two consecutive terms. A
term of office is defined as July 1st for one year and until a successor is elected. A board
member having served at least 8 months of a term shall be considered to have served a full
4.11 No member of the PTA Board of Directors, or any of its Committees, shall derive any personal
profit or gain by reason of his or her participation with the PTA. Each individual shall disclose to
Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

the PTA any personal interest that he or she may have in any matter pending before the PTA and
shall refrain from participation in any discussion or decision on such matter.
4.12 The PTA is a self-governing unit and may take any actions in furtherance of its mission, provided
those actions are not contrary to the laws and policies of the SCPTSA, WSPTA, NPTA, City of
Seattle, Washington State, or the United States. For business to be conducted, a quorum must
be present at a properly called board meeting.
4.13 The PTA will comply with the training requirements necessary to remain in good standing, as
specified in the most current WSPTA bylaws, and will maintain documentation of compliance
with this requirement.
4.14 A Nominating Committee shall be elected at a General Membership meeting in the fall by a
plurality vote; however, if only three candidates are nominated, the three candidates shall be
declared elected. The Vice President shall convene the first meeting of the Nominating
Committee, at which a Chairperson shall be elected by a majority of members. In the event a
member of the nominating committee resigns, the Board may appoint a replacement member.
Nominating Committee members must be members of the PTA for at least 30 days preceding
election to the Committee. A member may serve no more than two consecutive terms on the
Nominating Committee. Neither the President(s) nor the Whittier principal may serve on the
committee. The Nominating Committee shall submit to the general membership the names of a
proposed slate of officers at least 15 days prior to the spring General Membership meeting at
which the election of officers for the upcoming year will be held.
4.15 The final slate of elected and appointed officers shall be submitted to WSPTA no later than the
deadline imposed by the WSPTA.
4.16 Board members shall read and understand the responsibilities and expectations associated with
their position. Job descriptions are available from the Nominating Committee Chair. In some
cases additional tasks may be asked of any board member. It is expected that board members
will attend all board and general meetings. A Board member’s inability to complete tasks and
responsibilities and/or excessive absences from meetings may result in a request for resignation
from the Board.
4.17 A Board Member or a Committee Member can be removed by a simple majority vote of the
4.18 Any agenda items for consideration by the Board of Directors shall be submitted to the President
at least 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting date. Items submitted later than that may be
added or not at the discretion of the President.
4.19 The board may from time to time adopt policies to help the PTA run efficiently and minimize
conflict. Any adopted policies will be maintained by the Secretary with the legal documents in
the PTA office located at Whittier Elementary School and shall be available upon request to all
members of the PTA.

Article 5. Meetings of the General Membership and Quorum

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

5.1 General membership meetings shall be held at the direction of the Board of Directors with ten
days’ notice to the general membership. Special meetings may be called as needed with a
minimum of five days’ notice in accordance with the WSPTA bylaws.
5.2 If general membership meetings cannot be held in person, meetings can be convened online as
long as a quorum is reached and the invitation is extended to all members.
5.3 The spring meeting at which officers are elected is designated as the “annual meeting.”
Members must have a minimum of 50 days’ notice prior to the annual meeting.
5.4 The following shall take place at General Membership meetings: adoption of the budget (spring
meeting), adoption/revision of the standing rules (first meeting of the fiscal year), election of the
nominating committee (fall meeting), election of officers (spring meeting). Additionally, the
Treasurer shall present to the General Membership the monthly financial report at each
meeting, and the financial review committee shall present its report to the General Membership
once approved by the Board.
5.5 Any agenda items for consideration by the General Membership shall be submitted to the
President at least 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting date for the President, in his or her
discretion, to include. Items submitted later than that may be added or not at the discretion of
the President.
5.6 When meetings are held electronically (in whole or in a hybrid form of in-person and electronic
attendance), members in good standing and in attendance may cast a vote via the platform
shared by the board.
5.7 Quorum at a General Membership meeting shall be 10 members.

Article 6. Budget and Finance
6.1 It is highly recommended that a survey of the General Membership’s funding priorities be
conducted each spring, prior to the budget process. This survey should ask questions regarding
how PTA funds should be spent, which PTA sponsored activities should be continued, and for
overall comments and suggestions.
6.2 The PTA shall approve its annual operating budget in the spring of each year for the following
fiscal year. Updates to a fiscal year budget may be voted on in the fall at a General
Membership meeting
6.3 Planning for the next year’s budget should begin in February. This committee is chaired by the
Treasurer, and should include the President. While input from the school staff (including the
Principal) is helpful, it could create a conflict of interest to have any school staff member on the
Budget Planning Committee.
6.4 The Board Treasurer(s) shall provide a monthly financial report to the Board during the school
6.5 All checks must be signed by two authorized Executive Committee members, other than the
recipient of the funds. Only members of the Executive Committee shall be signers on the PTA

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

bank account. Once elected, but prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year, the incoming
executive committee shall appoint three of its members as signers on the PTA bank account.
6.6 No debit, credit or ATM cards may be used for PTA purposes. Online banking is allowed.
6.7 All reimbursement requests for authorized expenses must include a receipt or invoice. All
requests for reimbursement shall be submitted to the Treasurer within 60 days of purchase and
shall be received by June 1st. Any exceptions to the processing of reimbursement requests after
60 days are at the discretion of the Treasurer.
6.8 Once the budget is approved it can be amended by a vote of those present at a meeting of the
membership. The Executive Committee has the authority to reallocate funds within the
approved budget up to $1000 without a vote of the board or general membership. This option
shall not be exercised more than twice a year. The Board of Directors has the authority to
reallocate funds within the approved budget up to $5000 without a vote of the General
6.9 All monetary donations become part of the general fund, unless funds are raised as part of a
defined fundraising campaign.
6.10 The PTA shall conduct a financial review at the close of the fiscal year, which is June 30. A
financial review committee with a minimum of 2 members shall be appointed by the President in
the spring. There is no limit on the number of years a member may serve on the financial review
committee; however, members of this committee shall not include the Treasurer or any person
authorized to sign on the PTA bank account for the period being reviewed or any individuals
living in their household. Records must be submitted to the committee for this financial review
no later than 30 days after the end of the fiscal year. The report of the financial review
committee must be approved by the Board and presented to the members at a General
Membership meeting.
6.11 The PTA’s monthly bank account statements shall be provided unopened to a board member
appointed by the Executive Committee. This appointment shall take place at the beginning of the
fiscal year (July 1). Once elected, but prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year, the incoming
executive committee shall appoint a board member to review such statements. The statement
reviewer shall not be a signer on the account. The reviewer shall report any concerns or
discrepancies identified in the review to the Executive Committee in writing. If there are no
concerns, the reviewer shall sign the statements prior to providing the statements to the
Treasurer for reconciliation.
6.12 The PTA may not enter into financial obligations extending beyond the fiscal year except as
approved by the membership. The membership’s approval of the annual budget in spring
authorizes such spending for the following fiscal year, and the membership need only re-approve
for revisions that exceed the reallocation limits provided in Section 6.7.

Article 7. Funding Proposals

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

7.1 Any Funding Proposal over $1000 made to the Board shall be presented to the General
Membership for approval. The board shall review the Funding Proposal and vote whether or not
to recommend approval at the next General Membership meeting. The Funding Proposal may
be presented to the General Membership whether or not it has earned the Board’s
recommendation. Funding Proposals shall be received by the President at least one week prior
to the scheduled meeting date. Funding Proposals received after this deadline may or may not
be included on the agenda for the upcoming Board Meeting, or may be added to the meeting
agenda for the following month, at the discretion of the President(s).
7.2 Requests for funding up to $1000 shall be considered and voted on by the Board. If declined by
the Board, a funding requestor may ask to be included on the agenda for the next General
Membership meeting to present their proposal.
7.3 All approved Funding Proposals shall align with the Whittier PTA’s mission. Preference will be
given to requests that fund projects, programs or activities that support a broad group of
Whittier students; a small number of Whittier students with targeted, identified needs; or have
multi-year benefits. Funding Proposals are not intended to be used to supplement yearly
classroom supplies, or be used for single use items for an individual classroom.

Article 8. Awards
8.1 One or more Golden Acorn Awards shall be presented annually at the spring General Meeting to
an outstanding volunteer(s). A committee chaired and appointed by the Vice President shall
select the recipient. The committee shall determine the number of recipients as well as which
awards are presented.

Article 9. Conference and State and Local Representations
9.1 The vote of this PTA for the position of WSPTA Area Vice President shall be determined by the
9.2 The voting delegates to the SCPTSA, annual WSPTA convention and WSPTA legislative assembly
shall be determined by the Board. The Board shall determine the number of delegates to be
funded by the PTA to each event.

Article 10. Standing Rules
10.1.Whittier PTA’s Standing Rules shall be presented annually and adopted by a majority vote at the
first General Meeting.

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

10.2.The Standing Rules may be amended at any time by a vote of the General Membership. If the
membership has been given 7 days notice prior to the date of the meeting of the intended
change, then the change may be approved by a majority vote of the members present (if a
quorum has been established). If no notice was given prior to the meeting, a two-thirds vote of
the members present is required (if a quorum has been established).

Article 11. Dissolution Statement
11.1. In the event that the Whittier PTA Seattle Council 6.15.370 should dissolve, any PTA funds
remaining on deposit and any accounts receivable shall go to any subsequently organized 501(c)
Whittier PTA organization.
See Attached Appendix A (Anti-Harassment Policy)

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

Appendix A

Anti-harassment Policy and Response Procedure

The Whittier PTA Board strives to maintain an environment that is free from violence, harassment, and
bullying. Incidences of violence, harassment and bullying are considered forms of prohibited conduct
and are counter to the board missions to support the creation of a safe, healthy, and connected Whittier
school community. The board is aware that violence, harassment and bullying often impact not only the
individual(s) who experience the harm but also the broader community they are a part of.
● The term “violence” refers to acts or threats of physical violence.
● The term “harassment” refers to unwelcome verbal, visual or physical conduct creating an
intimidating, offensive or hostile environment that relates to a person’s membership in or
perceived membership in a state or federally protected class*.
● The term “bullying” refers to repeated inappropriate behavior, either direct or indirect, whether
verbal, physical or exclusionary.
All individuals are encouraged to raise issues of violence, harassment, or bullying:
● When possible, the board encourages individuals who believe they are being subjected to
prohibited conduct to promptly advise the offender that their behavior is unwelcome and
request that it be discontinued.
● Anyone who believes they are being subjected to prohibited conduct, or who has witnessed such
conduct, is encouraged to share the information with the Whittier PTA board president(s) so that
they can take appropriate responsive actions. If the complaint involves the PTA board
president(s), individuals are encouraged to raise the issue with additional Whittier PTA Board
● The PTA board president(s) will work with the impacted party to identify an appropriate
response plan.
● Complaints alleging prohibited conduct on the part of board members will be addressed
promptly and as confidentially as possible.
● Any board member who engages in prohibited conduct towards another individual or group of
individuals is subject to removal from the Board.
*Federal and state protected classes include but are not limited to; age, ancestry, color, disability, marital
status, national origin, parental/family status, race, religion/creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender
identity and gender expression.

Approved by the Whittier PTA General Membership on January 9, 2024

PTA Meeting Minutes: 11/14/23

Whittier PTA Board Meeting
November 14, 2023
7:00pm In Person & Zoom
Meeting ID: 817 3911 8250
Passcode: wildcats


  • Renee Hartnett – Co-President
  • Courtney Sievers – Co-President
  • Jess Templeton – Vice President (running reflections contest)
  • Michelle Nemeth – Treasurer
  • Melissa Ivancevich – Co-Secretary (attended vida Zoom)
  • Emily Robertson – Co-Secretary
  • Kiana Swearingen – Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Chair
  • Ashley Schiavone – Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Leah Lansberry Austin – Volunteer Chair & Membership Chair
  • Anjean Vanden Bosch – Volunteer Chair & Membership Chair
  • Emily Schweiger – Family and Community Engagement – Outreach Chair
  • Jared Cortese – Programs Co-Chair
  • Jen Foreman – Programs Co-Chair
  • Laura Zingg – Programs Co-Chair; Student Directory
  • Jon Overman – Legislative Representative (primary) (attended via Zoom)
  • Kathleen Donahoe – Hospitality Co-Chair
  • Emily Grosse – Hospitality Co-Chair
  • Nicole Kaczmarek – Director at Large
  • Members at Large
    • Brie Gardner
    • Kellie Pecoraro

Non-Board Members in Attendance

  • John Shaw – Tech Support
  • David Peabody – Move-a-thon
  • Mendy Minjarez – Spirit Gear
  • Sara Lukas – Room Parent Coordinator

Community Members in Attendance

  • Emily Geyer
  • Maureen Nothum
  • Rachel Wold
  • Katie Stiver
  • Brianna Mercker
  • Liz Young
  • Jessica Young
  • Kate Scales
  • Will Scales
  • Sean Ritchie
  • Megan Herscher
  • Tony Toppenberg

● Meeting Called to Order / Land Acknowledgment at 7:01 PM
● Approval of September & October PTA Meeting minutes & May Community Meeting minutes
○ Kathleen motioned to approve, Sara Lukas seconded
■ Approved, no dissension

● Thank you’s:
○ Fall Festival
○ EDI Committee – Coordination of gender-diverse youth workshop
○ Fundraising – Annual Give
○ Hospitality – Monthly staff appreciation (Kathleen and Emily)

● Garden Beds, proposed by Elsie Smith, Ada Scales, and Rowan Ritchie (Poppy Tallarico Ross not
present) – $1300
○ Planter pots, flowers, wood chips, soil
■ Wood chips so it will be less muddy when it rains
■ 7 planters ($31.89/each from Home Depot) – 1 planter for each grade
● Will get plants/flowers (native focused) from Swansons Nursery
● Each class will get to pick 2 flowers for their planter box
● Resin planter boxes

■ Will take an aerial photo, then grid off, then cut out planter boxes to move
■ Will ask for volunteers to maintain plants
■ Would like to do in the spring
○ Old planter boxes removed
○ Conversation:
■ There may be some money in a conservation budget for the school that could be
used for this
■ Can also ask for a donation from Swanson’s
○ Vote to support this project, likely don’t need to provide any funds
● Gaga Ball Pit, proposed by Lucas Young-Frankowski, Theo Young-Frankowski, Denali Swearingen,
Ben Toppenberg, Henry Gudmastad, Nash Lyden
○ Explanation of how to play gaga ball
■ 15-20 students can play at a time
■ Use a kick ball type of ball
○ Inclusive, minimum equipment/maintenance needed
■ Whittier Kids also will benefit – Whittier Kids can no longer play using the
school’s mats because too destructive
■ No team picking; can quickly get back in the game
○ Would likely be in the top right (NE) corner of the blacktop
■ A concern expressed about location because the lower hoop better for smaller
kids is located there
○ Sweat equity & fundraisers
■ Going to explain to the other classrooms
■ The 6 students presenting will help build it
○ Two options (both have ADA access door & a soft base):
■ One: prefab, cut, ready to go
■ Two ($3500): purchase precut lumber, stain & build it
● Preference of the student group
● A dad is willing to do some fundraising
● Other parents will help build

○ Vote to fund the second option with a request that they fundraise $1000:
■ Approved, no dissension

● Opinion expressed that this bucket of money be prioritized for student-led efforts/requests
○ Cindy hasn’t heard anything else bubbling up from students
○ Feel a loyalty to the 5th graders after going through Covid

● Meeting Structure
○ Finding that we need more than an hour, but trying to keep it as short as possible
● Board Update

○ Two board members have had to resign: Joa Pope (Director at large) & Mandy Nelson
(Communications) – goal to fill these two positions by the end of the year

● Communication Plan for Board (Konstella owned by individuals)
○ In the meantime, Courtney monitoring communication requests coming in
○ Ask that the roles post Konstella announcements
■ Make Communications an owner of the message as well
○ Request for guide on how to post on Konstella and what is acceptable to post on the
various channels/guide on the role for Communications

● Standing rules updates
○ Going to share more broadly and then vote in January
● Insurance (Emily Robertson)
○ Unless any objections, going to add a media liability endorsement in amount of $25k,
adds $70 to our annual premium
○ Motion on vote to approve
■ Kathleen motioned, seconded by Jared
■ Approved, no dissension

● NomComm – VOTE on Committee for 2024: Jess Templeton, David Peabody, Kathleen Donahoe,
Mendy Minjarez
○ Approved, no dissension

● Legislative assembly update – Jon Overman & Molly Firth
○ Entirely virtual, Jon & Molly split attendance
○ Two issues, six resolutions discussed to vote on
■ Two issues:
● K-12 education funding
○ Included language about PTA’s not using funds to augment staff

● Traumatic brain injuries – a proposal on a ban on helmets used
■ Two issues & two resolutions were passed with amendments
■ Four resolutions that weren’t debated at all but passed
○ Next year will be the full resetting of priorities, so hoping it will be in-person
○ There will be a focus on legislative/advocacy in January/February
● Annual Give – Glenda & Ashley
○ Have a little over $54k (~60% of the goal, ~50% participation)
○ A comment that there should still be an opportunity
● Membership Goals – Anjean & Leah
○ Next year will start the membership drive (a 4-week “information campaign”) earlier (in
June) so it doesn’t overlap with Annual Give

○ Started out communications with what does it mean to be a PTA member, then what is
the value/why the PTA? Next week will be what does the PTA actually do.
■ Up to 115 members (started out with 77)
■ It was really effective to just remind people that they have to sign up again every

○ Going to send out more emails to just members about what we’re voting on at upcoming
■ Maybe have “PTA spotlights” – who they’re here and why they’re here
■ Add a “membership corner” or a “membership spotlight”
○ Want to be able to offer scholarships to families to be able to offer memberships to a
certain number of families
● Outreach – Helping Hands, Emily Schweiger
○ Helping Hands gift card drive starts tomorrow
● Room rep & holiday gifts – Sara Lukas
○ Would like ideas about text to send to the room reps
○ Need to determine if/how to give to all staff
● Program’s
○ This is Jared’s last day/meeting as Program’s co-chair

TREASURER’S REPORT (Michelle Nemeth)
● Review of Financial Reports from October 2023
○ Income: $32,786.75
○ Expenses: $34,743.54
■ Paid for $17,003.89 grant for school
■ Paid $5,516.61 for instructional support
■ Paid $2,800 for curriculum enrichment
○ Need to add a line item for Mr. Buck for money for bookmarks
○ Need to add a line item (~$2000) to pay for our 990 (reports our income & expenses)
■ Vote to approve, seconded by Jared
● Approved, no abstentions

● Really crowded 3rd & 4th grade classrooms
○ They only made staffing adjustments at schools that needed two or more teachers and
we only needed one
○ Question from a parent: how can we better support the 3rd & 4th grade classes?
■ Not sure, don’t have an answer yet
■ There aren’t IAs for gen ed kids, so can’t use IAs to do small cohort work

● Math agency has kicked off, serving ~30 kids
● Need to convey that we have a responsibility to fund intervention and that new cuts shouldn’t
be layered on schools who have already experienced cuts
○ We’re seeing a shift in the student/family makeup of Whittier due to upzoning
● We’re doing more inclusion at our school than the majority of any other school

○ Spending a majority of their time in the gen ed session instead of independently in their
own classroom

● Want to know from the district, what is the floor for our school – what is the minimum amount
of support/etc. we will have?
● No resources being provided for advanced learners
○ Trying to push the math agency to explore this
○ Ms. Trillby trying to provide some support to 3rd grade
● Would like to add student representation/participation in PTA events
○ Cindy making sure activities are occurring during the school day at the school so that no
one is excluded

● Cindy working on a presentation that could be shared with the PTA to help with the
○ Letter writing to our school board (before budget season that starts in February)
○ If we have contacts in the media to help get the message out/tell our story that
resonates and doesn’t disenfranchise other schools/families

● Sped classroom rep
● Reflections Art Contest Committee
○ Theme: “I am hopeful because”
○ Request to get students involved – no submissions yet
■ Submissions due this Friday

● Nominating committee
● Science Fair/STEM Night Coordinator
● Spring Fling Co-Chairs
● Tax person
Meeting Adjourned 9:14 PM

PTA Meeting Minutes: 10/10/23

Whittier PTA Board Meeting
October 10, 2023
7:00pm Zoom
Meeting ID: 817 3911 8250
Passcode: wildcats

Renee Hartnett – Co-President
Courtney Sievers – Co-President
Michelle Nemeth – Treasurer
Emily Robertson – Co-Secretary
Mandy Nelson – Communications Chair
Kiana Swearingen – Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Ashley Schiavone – Fundraising Co-Chair
Anjean Vanden Bosch – Volunteer Chair & Membership Chair
Emily Schweiger – Family and Community Engagement – Outreach Chair
Jen Foreman – Programs Co-Chair
Laura Zingg – Programs Co-Chair; Student Directory
Jon Overman – Legislative Representative (primary)
Molly Firth – Legislative Representative (secondary)
Kathleen Donahoe – Hospitality Co-Chair
Emily Grosse – Hospitality Co-Chair
Nicole Kaczmarek – Director at Large
Joa Pope – Director at Large
Members at Large
● Nichole Maiman Waterman
● Brie Gardner


  • David Peabody – Move-a-thon



● Meeting Called to Order / Land Acknowledgment at 7:00 PM


● Thank you’s:

○ Meg Pietz – Grade level Happy Hours at Chucks

○ Kate Scher – Wildchat

○ Emily and Jess for cleaning out PTA closet!

● Standing rules updates and questions
○ There was a question about fees in section 3.3. Renee Hartnett clarified the due
breakdown, stating that they were correct as previously written. Secretary to revert back
to original language.
○ There was a question about what a quorum is. Renee Hartnett clarified that a quorum =
half of roughly 20 board members (10). There is a question regarding whether we should
make the language more clear? Executive committee has to be majority. Number of
board members at tonight’s meeting is 16.
○ Mandy Nelson – generally it’s a %, or flexible number that matches. 50% plus 1?
○ Decided to review in November meeting – not exactly sure
○ Add language in for digital records
○ Add language about harassment prevention procedure policy – reference National PTA

● Financial Review (Michelle Nemeth)
○ 2022-2023 – review – thanking team on Financial Review Committee (Emily Robertson,
Jeannie Lee, Megan Herscher, Tyler Gaspard and Michelle Nemeth)
○ Background about process/results:
■ Why?
● General transparency
● Requirement for bond insurance – legal requirements
● Good business practice
■ What?
● Looked at Financial Review Checklist
● Separated work into 5 sections
● Accessed various docs on google drive and sometimes hunted them

■ Findings
● Books look good
● PTA has few accounts (3) – which is easier to manage
● Quickbooks, online banking easily accessible
■ What to work on for next year
● Organize docs on google drive for next year’s Financial Review (Michelle
Nemeth has started this already)
● Report is an 8 page document – what we need to look at every year –
was a pretty big task for the group
● Michelle is official treasurer but there is another person doing most of
the accounting – Stacy Rose, which sometimes makes things tricky
● One item of note is that we should be reviewing insurance policy every
year and recording this in the minutes in order to maintain certain
■ Summary
● Above board, able to check yes on most items.

● Insurance (Emily Robertson)
○ Review of current policy:
■ Commercial General Liability: $1 Million limit – $110
■ Extended Medical Payments: $5,000 limit – $0
■ Professional Liability: $1 Million limit – $65
■ Fidelity bond: $25,000 limit – $125
■ Inland Marine: $10,000 limit – $115
■ $415 total
○ Emily Robertson suggested potentially adding Media Liability
○ Adding Media Liability Endorsement would add costs as follows:
■ $25,000 – $70.00
■ $50,000 – $90.00
■ $75,000 – $120.00
■ $100,000 – $160.00
○ Find out if Media Policy covers PII (inadvertently sharing personal info)
○ Review at next meeting
● Legislative assembly update – Molly Firth
○ 2 weeks from now
○ Jon and Molly feel like most issues are not controversial such as:
■ Addressing issues around multi-language and heritage
■ Preventing and reducing gun violence and suicide
■ Resolutions such as high quality preschools
■ However, there are 2 Resolutions that are trickier:
● Resolution #3 K-12 Education Funding
○ What is Whittier’s position? Whittier’s PTA position?
○ What would Cindy say?

○ How is the school actually funded?
● Resolution #4 Traumatic Brain Injuries
○ This one seems has potential to amplify equity issues.
Historically helmet laws were enforced targeting mostly people
of color.
TREASURER’S REPORT (Michelle Nemeth)
● Review of Financial Reports from September 2024
○ As of $243,617 (about a $200 change). Paid PTA dues WSPTA and Seattle PTA
○ Evidently Mr. Buck raised $1000 from selling bookmarks. There is a question about
whether Stacy Rose can create a line item for this. It was discussed that these individual
pots of money are complicated from a tracking standpoint. It was pointed out that Cindy
should be looped in

● Annual Give – Glenda & Ashley
○ Kicked off today? $80,000 ask. $1500 so far. In lieu of gifts we’ll do an experience. School
party – disco. Our time to shine! More details to come. Gym, dance, disco ball. Saves
money for gifts = point of fundraising. Thermometer poster board. New thing asking for
volunteers. Pick something to volunteer for.

● Fall Festival – Jess Twardzik
○ Not present. Event is October 27
● EDI November Event – Kiana Swearingen
○ Gender Diversity Event in November. Free childcare provided by Whittier Kids. Confirm
○ Beyond Black and White at Salmon Bay
● Outreach – Emily Schweiger
○ Coffee morning October 20th. Help? 7:40-8:10 on 14th Ave
○ Starting work for helping hands. Office working on mitten idea? November 18th-ish
● Programs- Jared Cortese/Laura Zyngg/Jennifer Foreman
○ Afterschool programs launched Oct 2nd – Nov 16th.
○ 7 programs
○ Met minimum for all programs.
○ Not all sold out
○ 3 scholarships were awarded. The $10 enrollment fee goes towards scholarships.
○ Winter programs will start after holiday break
● Hospitality – Emily Grosse/Kathleen Donahoe
○ Next Thursday setting up for fall breakfast
● Membership Goals – Anjean & Leah
○ Why not marry fundraising and membership drive?
○ 75 members currently. Goal is 200/
○ Had 88 last year Sep 20, and 133 by end of school year

○ How to generate more members?
■ Signage
■ Specific communication out to adults and caregivers
■ Don’t have a lot of staff participation
■ Student memberships?
■ Value message for Whittier – Going back to Kiana’s comment about what is
equity to us?
■ #1 reason people don’t join is because they’re not asked. Put something in next
wild chat. Reach out to inactive members…?
■ Lots of great ideas.
■ Enrollment is down and post-covid numbers are down.
■ Participating board and community members can send ideas to Anjean – by the
end of the week
● Sped classroom rep
● Fall Carnival Committee
● Reflections Art Contest Committee
● Nominating committee
● Science Fair/STEM Night Coordinator
● Spring Fling Co-Chairs
● Tax person
Meeting Adjourned 8:27 pm

PTA Meeting Minutes: 9/12/23

Whittier PTA Board Meeting
September 12, 2023
7:00pm In Person & Zoom
Meeting ID: 817 3911 8250
Passcode: wildcats


  • Renee Hartnett – Co-President
  • Courtney Sievers – Co-President
  • Jess Templeton – Vice President (running reflections contest)
  • Michelle Nemeth – Treasurer
  • Melissa Ivancevich – Co-Secretary
  • Emily Robertson – Co-Secretary
  • Mandy Nelson – Communications Chair
  • Kiana Swearingen – Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Chair
  • Glenda Elley – Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Leah Lansberry Austin – Volunteer Chair & Membership Chair
  • Anjean Vanden Bosch – Volunteer Chair & Membership Chair
  • Meg Pietz – Family and Community Engagement – Events Chair
  • Emily Schweiger – Family and Community Engagement – Outreach Chair
  • Jen Foreman – Programs Co-Chair
  • Laura Zingg – Programs Co-Chair; Student Directory
  • Jon Overman – Legislative Representative (primary) (Zoom)
  • Kathleen Donahoe – Hospitality Co-Chair
  • Emily Grosse – Hospitality Co-Chair
  • Members at Large
    • Nicole Kaczmarek
    • Maureen Nothum
    • Kellie Pecoraro


  • John Shaw – Tech Support
  • Sara Lukas – Room Parent Coordinator


  • Lindsay Murphy
  • Brianna Mercker
  • Sarah Rubin
  • Shannon Blackman
  • Rachel Sidles
  • Esther Kooiman
  • Lana Sturmer
  • Emily Barbee (Zoom)
  • Sridharan (Zoom)
  • Megan Connors (Zoom)

Meeting Called to Order / Land Acknowledgment at 7:02 PM

● Thank you’s:
○ Emily Grosse and Kathleen Donahoe for back to school
○ Jon Shaw for IT assistance
○ Julie Osborne for the Back-to-School event, including Jen Foreman and Mendy Minjarez
○ Kate Scher for website and Konstella updates
○ Emily Schweiger for the Kinder welcome event
● Meeting format overview
● Motion to approve co-secretaries Emily Robertson and Melissa Ivancevich
○ Kathleen Donahoe motioned, Leah Lansberry Austin seconded – Approved by the voting

TREASURER’S REPORT (Michelle Nemeth)
● Balance update: $243,000 in the bank account
○ No major expenses in the last month
● Four people who were signers on the HomeStreet Bank Account last year:
○ Leah Lansberry Austin (President)
○ Renee Harnett (Treasurer)
○ Jessie S Templeton (Secretary)
○ Katherine E Lindsay (Communications Chair)
● Four people who are signers on the HomeStreet Bank Account this year:
○ Renee Harnett (Co-President)
○ Courtney Sievers (Co-President)
○ Jessie S Templeton (Vice President)
○ Michelle Nemeth (Treasurer)

● Renee and Michelle gave the okay to pay the Washington State PTA and Konstella dues
● Finishing up the financial reviews
● Theme: “I Am Hopeful Because”
● Jess Templeton leading & looking for volunteers to help
● Goals for 2023-2024:
○ Annual Give: $80,000 ($250/student)
○ Move-A-Thon: $15,000
○ Spring Fling: $60,000
● Annual Give: October 2nd-20th
○ Asking everyone to participate in some way (donating money, volunteering, etc.)
■ A recent non-school related fundraising event asked 5 economic privilege
questions to help inform how much you should give, something to consider for
Annual Give – Kiana to share those questions

○ No tiers/thank-you gifts – if the goal is achieved, then the PTA will bring in an experience
for the whole school (i.e. bring in a band and have a dance party and popsicles)
○ John to see if we’ll be using the same platform as last year and if monthly payments that
were signed up for last year automatically roll over
■ If so, need to reach out to those folks
● Move-A-Thon will be in the Spring, student led
○ If we don’t achieve our Move-A-Thon goal of $15,000, the difference can be rolled into
the Spring Fling goal

○ Grade level happy hour events at Chuck’s starting next week (week of 9/18)
○ A movie night on October 6th?
■ Looking for a volunteer to organize
○ November 21st – Kraken ice skating event from 2:00-3:00pm
■ Looking for a volunteer to organize
○ March 8th – family dance & game night
○ Festival will be Friday, October 27th, 4:30-7:00pm
■ Similar set-up and activities as last year, with improved efficiencies
○ First planning meeting on Tuesday, September 19th

○ Working with hospitality to do morning coffee – first one will be October 20th, with an
additional one in the Winter and one in the Spring

○ Need a room rep for Richmond and for Childers
○ Need email addresses for a few of the room reps that signed up at Back to Business

● Spring Fling – need co-chairs to coordinate and bring everyone together
○ A lot of folks with past experience will be on the committee to help out
○ Don’t need to raise as much, less procurement

    ● Open House on Thursday, 9/14, 5:30-7:00pm – students will be the leaders
    ● Author (Gary Gray Jr.) visit in October
    ○ Also sponsoring him to visit Viewlands Elementary
    ● Developed a partnership with the math agency
    ○ Four days a week: 1:15-2:15pm on M, T, Th, F
    ○ Focusing on 3rd and 4th grade classes due to the large classroom sizes
    ○ Still need volunteers to help with the math agency – can volunteer just one of the four

Meeting Adjourned 7:59 pm

PTA Meeting Minutes: 8/23/23

Whittier PTA Board Meeting
August 23, 2023
6:30pm @ Courtney Sievers Home


  • Renee Hartnett – Co-President
  • Courtney Sievers – Co-President
  • Jess Templeton – Vice President
  • Michelle Nemeth – Treasurer
  • Melissa Ivancevich – Co-Secretary
  • Kiana Swearingen – Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Chair
  • Leah Lansberry Austin – Volunteer Chair (Combine with Membership)
  • Anjean Vanden Bosch – Volunteer Chair (Combine with Membership)
  • Emily Schweiger – Family and Community Engagement – Outreach Chair
  • Laura Zingg, Jen Foreman – Programs Chair
  • Leah Lansberry Austin, Anjean Vanden Bosch – Membership Chair (Combine with Volunteer)
  • Emily Grosse – Hospitality Co-Chairs
  • Members at Large – N/A


  • David Peabody – Move-a-thon
  • Laura Zingg – Student Directory
  • Jess Twarzik, – Fall Festival Chair (shared with Melissa Ivancevich and Laura Zingg)
  • Sara Lukas – Room Parent Coordinator


Meeting Called to Order / Land Acknowledgment at 6:36 PM


  • Around the group introductions and sharing of goals for the year


  • Appreciations for summertime work:
    • Financial Review Team – Michelle Nemeth, Tyler, Emily Robertson, Jeannie, Megan
    • Kindergarten t-shirts – Emily Schweiger
    • Popsicle Playdates – Jess Twardzik, Sara Lukas, Emily Schweiger
    • Back to Business – Julie Osborn, Lana
  • President’s goals
    • Monthly meetings
      • Fun, efficient, and accessible
      • Planned meeting format: 1 hour – handle business first half, time with Cindy
        second half
        • Discussion on how to how more involvement from PTA members/public
          not on the board
      • Meeting prep:
        • President’s will send the agenda the Tuesday prior to the next meeting
        • Ask for board to send updates to the Presidents by the Friday before the next
        • President’s will send pre-read materials the day before, ask the board to
          pre-read prior to the meeting
        • Theme for the year – year to shine/shine bright
        • Working Agreements (see agenda for details)
        • Intent to kick off annual give at the Open House on 9/14


  • All programs lined up for the fall – will start in October
  • Working with comms to get message out


  • Balance update: $242,000 in bank account
  • Annual give ask will be $80k (~$227/child)
  • Move-a-thon goal is $15k
  • Spring Fling goal will be $60k
  • Should establish long-term financial goals




  • Grade Level Mixers – likely the week of 9/18, likely will be at Chuck’s Hop Shop
  • A grade level each night


Meeting Adjourned 8:11 pm

The Wildchat: 2/13/24

February 13, 2024


Volunteer Opportunities

2nd grade Celebrates Whittier Staff

Thanks 2nd grade families for your donations to Whittier’s January staff appreciation. Whittier teachers and staffed enjoyed a salad bar, as well as homemade bread and butter- Whittier families are the best, as is our staff!

Upcoming Events

Family Dance & Game Night - Friday, March 1 (6-8:30pm)

Put on your dancing shoes for the Whittier Dance & Game Night Friday March 1st at Whittier. The party begins at 6:00pm and will wrap up at 8:30pm. Grab an early dinner and come ready to play, twist, shake & party with your Whittier family & friends. You bring a water bottle & we’ll provide a treat to go with it! Stay tuned for a volunteer sign-up sheet to help provide these tasty treats!

Sign up to coordinate Class Art or Buckets for Spring Fling!

Hello, classroom families! 

We need your help! Our Spring Fling event is coming May 18th, and it’s a flurry of fun to prep for the fundraiser.

We’re looking for volunteers to help coordinate CLASSROOM ART and BUCKETS, which will be auctioned off during Spring Fling. Classroom art and buckets are a fun short-term opportunity to get involved and help the school raise crucial funds.


We need 1-2 people (if you want a helper) per room to lead their class in making a collaborative piece of art that will be auctioned at the event. We will help you brainstorm crafty ideas, source supplies, and coordinate with your homeroom teacher to lead your class in making art (usually one or two sessions working with the kids). You do not have to be an artist to volunteer! Check out last year’s projects and some inspiration to help you get started!

Sign up to lead a classroom art project by February 29


We are looking for one volunteer from each class to coordinate a themed bucket to be auctioned off at the Spring Fling. The volunteer will pick the theme and recruit other parents from the classroom to contribute items and/or money. Ideas for buckets could be anything! (ex: Family Game Night, The Art of Lego, Ballard Beer, Backyard Pizza Night.) We are also happy to provide ideas for buckets that have worked well in the past.

Sign up to coordinate a class bucket by February 29

More details on the event and ways to get involved coming soon! Reach out with any questions. Thank you!

Laura Zingg-Wadsack, Class Art Coordinator, & Mendy Minjarez, Class Buckets Coordinator

Save the Dates for important Spring FUNdraisers!

Whittier's District 2 School Board Director, Lisa Rivera Smith, Resigns

Alongside District 4’s Director, Vivian Song, our District 2 community’s School Board Director, Lisa Rivera Smith, resigned on January 30th amidst scrutiny around both Song’s and Smith’s residency outside of their district boundaries. Both Lisa and Vivian were strong, practical voices on the School Board and responsive to our community’s concerns and feedback during their terms.

What happens next? Seattle School Board’s remaining directors will appoint new directors to take their place. School Board directors are elected to ensure they represent their district, in addition to advocating for the entire school community. Vivian and Lisa, in their collective public resignation letter, wrote the following regarding these future appointments:

“We urge our colleagues, who will be hand-selecting replacements, to appoint directors that fit the profiles voters overwhelmingly chose in city-wide elections when they elected us – ones who are committed to partnership with our labor unions, who favor a portfolio of schools that reflects the diversity of our students, who are able to understand the operational implications of significant changes to school programs and budget cuts, who are responsible fiscal stewards of capital funds, who champion climate justice and resiliency, and who are people of color, ideally representing the Latinx, Native and Asian communities.” 

If you’re concerned about your voice being represented by a newly appointed school board director, make your voice heard. Contact the remaining school board members letting them know what a School Board Director that represents your community prioritizes (like fully funding all schools, including Literacy Specialists, School Nurses, Social Workers, and Art, and providing more flexible funding to schools so they can meet the unique needs of their school community):

Check out this podcast for interviews with Vivian and Lisa to learn more about how Seattle School Board districts work.

Workshop: Supporting and Raising Mixed-Race Children

Thursday, March 14th – 6pm-8pm at Whittier

Recognizing the distinct strengths and needs of mixed-race children is crucial for creating inclusive environments and fostering positive identity development. This workshop is designed to help not only parents and caregivers within mixed-race families but also all members of our community in discovering practical strategies to support and nurture mixed-race children.

  • Facilitated by Families of Color Seattle in partnership with the Whittier PTA EDI Committee
  • Free childcare provided for kids ages 3+
  • Workshop is free for all community members.

Questions? Please contact the EDI team.

After-School Opportunity: Join the Whittier Ultimate Frisbee Team!

There are a few spots available for 3rd – 5th graders on this year’s Ultimate Frisbee team! The Whittier Ultimate Frisbee Team is run through DiscNW and coached by Whittier parents. Practices are on Wednesdays from 2:15 to 4:15 at Loyal Heights playfield starting February 28th through May 8th. Games are on Saturdays at fields around Seattle starting March 9th through May 11th. More details are here. 

We’re also seeking a 3rd-grade parent who is interested in coaching, which means we can have an additional team and more kids can play! Interested families can sign up here.

Take Advantage of PTA Membership Discounts!

Did you know your membership with a Whittier Elementary PTA automatically makes you a member of the Washington State PTA? That means you are entitled to a number of benefits and perks, including a host of members-only discounts with local and national vendors… arranged just for you! 

This year’s new discount providers include Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena, which offers a special members-only rate to attend a guided tour of the state-of-the-art facility, and Cheddar Up, a terrific e-commerce platform that offers WSPTA members 40% off an annual plan. Additional discount providers include Avis/Budget car rental, FedEx Office, the Corporate Shopping Company, Full Circle Virtual Care, Great Wolf Lodge, the Seattle Symphony, the Tacoma Dome, and the Washington State Fair. We’re also happy to continue our partnership with TicketsatWork, a fabulous service that gives members access to 20-70% off on movies, hotels, shows, concerts, theme parks, and more. Don’t plan your family vacation without first looking at TicketsatWork! 

Contact Membership to learn how to access these discount codes with your membership information or become a Whittier PTA member today! It’s never too late to join.

From SPS

Lift and Sing: SPS Kicks Off Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and SPS recognizes the contributions of all Black people – past and present – who continue to blaze a trail! Learn more about SPS’ support of Black Lives Matter Week and this year’s annual flag-raising ceremony.

From the Community

WISE Camps

Ignite your child’s passion for learning and elevate their summer! WISE Camps are offering two camps this summer, STEAM Academy and Wise Adventure, between July 15-26th at their Bellevue site. Learn more and register.

Do you have a community opportunity, event, or announcement relevant to the Whittier community you’d like to share? Submit a request to include it in the next Wildchat!

Thank You, Wildcats!

Wildchat: 1/30/24

January 30, 2024

Volunteer Opportunities

Our community makes Whittier amazing. Please consider a volunteer opportunity; lots of time commitments and types (in-person, one-time, remote, and more) are available!

Questions? Contact us!

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars! Lots of opportunities to learn and connect with your Wildcat community!

Click here for Zoom meeting link (password: wildcats).

Click here to join Session 1’s Teams meeting.

Looking for 5 Budget Committee Volunteers

Hello Whittier Families!

I’m looking for 5 volunteers to be part of the PTA Budget Committee this year. We have the opportunity to meet in Feb/March to look at this year’s budget and make recommendations for next year’s budget. I would love to see some new faces who want to get involved with the PTA and better understand the budget. Please email me directly if you are interested.

Thanks! Michelle (PTA Treasurer)

Safer Internet Day: February 6, 2024

Explore The Smart Talk, a free tool that helps families set digital safety ground rules together. Developed in collaboration with the National PTA and Norton, The Smart Talk helps children and families feel safer and more empowered in their digital lives.

Tomorrow is the Great PTA Sign Up Day!

The Washington State PTA invites you to join our local PTA tomorrow to reach their statewide goal of 5,000 members signed up in just one day! Whittier currently has 136 members–we would love to reach even more families. Tomorrow is the perfect day to sign up! Read below for some information from the Washington State PTA:

  • Did you know when you join the Whittier Elementary PTA you also become a member of the Seattle Council PTA, Washington State PTA, and National PTA?
  • You’ll have access to special discounts offered through WSPTA and National PTA – just some of the many benefits of membership!
  • Be a part of something bigger – the more members we have in the Whittier PTA & Washington State PTA, the greater legislative voice we have on issues affecting children.
  • Being a member helps you stay connected with what’s happening at Whittier and allows you to vote at monthly PTA meetings.
  • If you haven’t yet, please join us and sign up today!

Follow the Call of the Disco Ball and Move! to Fund Programs at Whittier

Fundraising at Whittier is essential to maintain the staff and services our school community needs. Due to the Seattle Public Schools funding model, Whittier receives one of the smallest per student flexible funding allocations across SPS, with the expectation that our PTA community will fundraise for our unfunded school needs.

What is flexible funding? These are unearmarked funds provided to school administrators to pay for needs specific to their school that are otherwise unfunded. In the past, we’ve used flexible funds to support staffing, to extend differentiated learning, and towards staff to reduce class sizes. PTA budget funds our literacy specialist, our PCP specialists (art/performing arts/PE), and other staff. Additionally, with funds raised, we are able to pay for enrichment programs for all students, including Raz Kids Reading and IXL math apps, as well as a host of assemblies and residencies, such as Massive Monkeys, Reptile Man, Nature Vision, and more.

This Fall, we raised over $83K from annual give! Great job Wildcats! To meet the annual PTA  budget, we will be holding two more fundraisers this Spring:  Move-a-thon (with a fundraising target of $15,000) and Spring Fling ($60,000) for a combined goal of $75,000.

April 26th – Move-a-thon

A fundraiser driven by students reaching out to their neighbors and extended family for donations for each lap run on the blacktop.

May 18th – Spring Fling: this year’s theme is Follow the Call of the Disco Ball!

A fun, block party-style, community event where classroom art will be on display and for sale, themed classroom buckets will be auctioned off and a variety of hosted parties will be available for purchase. Past hosted parties have included items such as First Day of School Brunch, Whiskey Tasting, Backyard Movie Night for Kids, and more!

Stay tuned for more details on these fundraisers in the coming weeks!

Other ways to get involved with fully funding Whittier:

Gaga Ball Pit Update

We are so excited to announce we’ve got an estimated delivery date for our playground’s new Gaga Ball pit–pieces should be arriving on Thursday, February 29th!

Thanks to everyone who offered to help with the install so far. Please see this sign-up sheet to help coordinate the little prep work we need to complete before delivery and/or the more concentrated effort immediately following delivery. Lots of roles and many don’t require any construction or power tool experience/know-how!

Reach out if you have any questions, ideas for how to make the process smoother (we’ve never installed a Gaga Ball pit before!), or if you need more information. 

Save the Date: Spring Fling 2024

The Spring Fling is Whittier’s yearly event that raises necessary funds for essential staff and services at our school.  This includes staffing grants to support literacy and art programs, scholarships, teacher discretionary funds, school-day enrichment, and much more. 


  • Date: Saturday, May 18 5:00-9:00
  • Location: Whittier Elementary Block Party (13th Ave NW)
  • Theme: Follow the Call of the Disco Ball! Come dressed to shine in sequins and silver, or disco glitz and glam to get you in the groove! No sparkles? No problem, come join the party as you are.
  • Auction: All bidding will be done online again this year.
  • More Fun: Once again you can expect to see live music, food trucks, and a bar at the party!

Stay tuned for additional details!

Friday, March 1st at Whittier (6-8:30pm)

Put on your dancing shoes for the Whittier Dance & Game Night Friday March 1st. The party begins at 6:00pm and will wrap up at 8:30pm. Grab an early dinner and come ready to play, twist, shake & party with your Whittier family & friends. You bring a water bottle & we’ll provide a treat to go with it!

Save the Date!

The Whittier PTA 2024 Move-a-thon is Friday, April 26th! 

This event supports the 2023-24 Whittier PTA budget–student enrichment, staffing support, equipment upgrades, and community events. Students raise personal sponsorships from family, friends and/or neighbors. More details to follow on Move-a-Thon schedule, fundraising information, and volunteer opportunities.

Psst - Feel like you're missing announcements or info? Make sure you've joined Konstella, Whittier PTA's primary way to keep you up-to-date. If you've already joined, check you've joined your student classrooms to make sure you get grade- or class-specific information!

Introduce a Girl to Food Science: February 10, 2024

Join us for the 8th annual Introduce a Girl event organized by Women in Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington! This year’s theme is Food Science, and Introduce a Girl is completely free!

This STEM outreach event is geared towards girls and gender-expansive youth ages 5-15. Students have the opportunity to explore science and technology through a variety of interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities. Our theme this year is food science! This event is free for all participants and is a great way to get youth excited about STEM!

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2024
  • Time: 12 pm – 3 pm
  • Venue: University of Washington HUB Lyceum

Register to reserve your tickets. A parent/guardian will need to register all students participating in the event.

For more information, visit the Introduce a Girl website.

Do you want to join a Spanish Afterschool Program next fall?

¡Hola! We are thrilled to announce that registration for our Spanish Afterschool Program (hosted at the PNA) for the upcoming Fall will open soon. If you’re a new family, sign up on our inquiry list on February 1 and we’ll reach out to you once registration is open. 

If you want to give your child a head start in Spanish exposure in a fun and interactive environment, this program is perfect for you.

Registration Timeline

  • February 1 at 9AM
    • New families can join the inquiry list posted on our website.
    • Registration for current families will open.
  • February 12
    • Our team will start contacting families on the inquiry list to offer available spots in our Spanish Afterschool Program.

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Thank You, Wildcats!

The Wildchat: 1/9/2024

January 9, 2024


Have you Signed Up for After School Programs?

Sign-ups for After School Programs, coordinated by Whittier PTA, launched yesterday afternoon. Learn more about After School programs, including the schedule and how to register. Programs begin January 22nd, so sign-up today!

Upcoming Events

Still getting back into the swing of things? Be sure to note these upcoming events:

  • 1/9 (TONIGHT): PTA Meeting from 7-8pm over Zoom. All are welcome!
  • 1/12: MLK Assembly during school hours
  • 1/15: No School – MLK Day
  • 1/18: Third Thursday Staff Appreciation hosted by 2nd grade families
  • 2/13: New Family Info Night from 6-7pm at Whittier open to all prospective and incoming families
  • 2/13: PTA Meeting from 7-8pm. All are welcome!

Calling All Second Grade Families!

Each month a different grade provides goodies for Staff Appreciation. 2nd Grade families are up for January – and we are setting up a hearty winter lunch, to power the staff though these dark days.

Sign up HERE:

Please drop off items to the office by 10am on Thursday, Jan 18th. Let the office know if your items need to be refrigerated. Please clearly label all items “Staff Appreciation 1/18.”

Email Hospitality if you have any questions.


Download the 2023-2024 Whittier Family Directory!

The 2023-24 Whittier student directory is now available for download! Many thanks to all the families and Wildcat artists who participated. Look for the link in the Announcements section of Konstella. We recommend bookmarking this link to access the most current version, as the PTA makes updates throughout the year.

The PTA compiles the student directory each school year in coordination with families who wish to opt in. Families can use the directory to arrange playdates, birthdays, and other fun! Opting in is voluntary. We only share the information you provide. If you would like to add or update your student’s contact info, it’s not too late! 

Please email us with any questions! 

From SPS

Join the Equity and Race Advisory Committee

Are you interested in furthering racial equity within Seattle Public Schools? We are looking for diverse, equity centered community members to join ERAC. 

ERAC meets virtually once a month on the second Monday from 5-6:30 p.m.. Members discuss current issues within SPS, review data, and make recommendations to the Superintendent.

Learn more and apply here.

Online Parent Education Course to Help Support Student Learning

Empower yourself to support your child’s education by enrolling in Family Connectors University. The 10-week class offers parents and caregivers effective strategies to support student learning and growth in Seattle Public Schools (SPS). This family-friendly class, hosted by SPS and North Seattle College, has been running successfully for more than 10 years.

Learn more and register here.

New Student Enrollment

Are you a family with an incoming Wildcat or know someone who’s considering Whittier? Registration for the 2024-2025 school year opened on January 2nd. Enrolling students early helps SPS have more accurate headcounts, impacting financial planning for next year. Learn more about enrolling new SPS students here. Prospective and incoming families are also encouraged to attend Whittier’s upcoming new student info session on 2/13.

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From reading with your child, finding a volunteer opportunity, taking time for a conversation or attending an event, here are a few ideas to honor the life, legacy and sacrifice of Dr. King, Jr. on January 15th and throughout the year.  

The Seattle Martin Luther King Organizing Coalition is planning a celebration with workshops, a rally, and march in Seattle. Learn more here. This is a great reading list if you’re looking for some children’s books on Dr. King Jr’s life and legacy. NAAM will be hosting a full day of activities from 10-5. Consider checking out the A Kids Book About Series – there are dozens of titles to explore around race, inclusion and to help kids see how they can make an impact in their communities. A kids Book about Philanthropy is a new favorite. Many nonprofits in the area offer special volunteer projects to celebrate – you can explore more here

Thanks for the Hospitality!

Thanks to families and our amazing Whittier PTA Hospitality team for supporting our teachers during Third Thursday Staff Appreciation!

Membership News: The Great PTA Sign Up Day!

On January 31st, Washington State PTA will hold its Great PTA Sign Up Day. They have a goal of signing up 5,000 members (new or renewals) across the state’s many PTAs. Click here to sign up.

We encourage you to join for the first time or renew your membership from years past. Joining the PTA is a way to show your support for Whittier and the hard work of our students, teachers, and parents. Your dues go to Whittier, Washington, and the National PTA to advocate for children in our community, state, and country. Every membership contributes toward this advocacy. Please feel free to reach out if you want to check your membership status; there are many lapsed members from last year who still have yet to renew. Remember, membership lasts for one school year, and you can renew your membership at any time during the school year.

Thank you to all of you who have signed up for membership so far this school year! Please email us with member status questions or any general comments or questions about PTA membership.

Save the Date for our annual Spring Fling, May 18!

We are excited to announce the return of our block party fundraiser this year. This parents only event is a great opportunity to meet other Whittier parents while raising funds for the school.

We are seeking additional volunteers to help with the planning of the event. If you are interested in joining the planning committee, please email Brie. Our first meeting will be this Thursday, January 11th at 7:00pm via ZOOM. New volunteers are welcome and encouraged! Please email with any questions.

Gaga Ball Pit Update

The Gaga Ball Pit structure has been ordered! This 20′ wide octagon should be able to accommodate 20+ Wildcats for fast rounds of Gaga Ball includes a weather-ready mat to keep the play surface clean and protected, along with an ADA-door ensuring accessibility whenever it’s needed.

We’ve heard from several caregivers willing to help with the pre- and during installation tasks. Thank you! When we have our delivery timeline confirmed, we’ll reach out with next steps. 

In the meantime, please keep an eye out for a future fundraiser led by some 5th graders to help fund accessories. Thank you for your support! Contact us with any questions.

It is Legislative Season in Olympia!

Washington State’s Legislature is starting their 2024 session (a 60-day “short session”) on January 8th. We will keep you in the loop about how to advocate for our Wildcats!

Joni the WA State PTA for an in-person Focus on Advocacy Day on January 15th in Olympia. This day is a chance to meet with other parents, PTA members from other districts, and hopefully meet with elected officials (or their staff) and learn about how to advocate for our students. Find out more here. If you plan to attend, reach out to our legislators ASAP for a meeting (but we have heard the day is fun even if you do not get a pre-scheduled meeting). Their offices can be reached at:

  • Senator Noel Frame:(360) 786-7670
  • Representative Julia Reed: (360) 786-7814
  • Representative Liz Berry: (360) 786-7860

Over the next two months we will send more information about how to advocate for our students in Olympia. The WA State PTA will support the priorities they focused on last year. We do not anticipate there will be a big emphasis on new K-12 education funding during this session, but it provides an excellent opportunity to lay the groundwork for next year’s longer budget session.  

If you are interested in learning more, please contact

Thank You, Wildcats!

The Wildchat: 12/5/2023

December 5, 2023

Blue and gold after-school programs banner.

New After-School Programs Coming in January!

We are excited to share a lineup of fun clubs coming this winter!

  • New! Coding With Kids – Scratch Game Development (Grades 3-5)
  • New! Dungeon Master Academy (Grades 3-5)
  • Chess Wizards (Grades 1-5)
  • Introductory Spanish (Grades 1-5)
  • Bricks4Kidz – Jurassic Worlds (Grades 1-2)
  • Gamer Group with Mr. Buck (Grades 1-2 and 3-5)

Registration opens on January 8. Classes will be held weekly after school from January 22 – March 21. Families will need to create a  6crickets account before registering. Learn more here.

This Season's Important Reminders

  • Lost and Found is overflowing! Remind your Wildcat to look for items before winter break, when we’ll donate unclaimed items to start 2024 fresh!
  • December 15th is a 1-hour early dismissal, so be sure to collect your Wildcat at 1:25pm.
  • Winter Break runs from December 18th through January 1st. We’re excited to see our Wildcats back on January 2nd!
  • Save the date to sign-up for After School Programs on January 8th.
  • The first PTA meeting on the new year will be on January 9th at 7pm. All are welcome!
  • There will be no school on Monday, January 15th, in observance of MLK, Jr. Day.
  • Email digital gift cards by clicking here
  • Donate funds via PayPal (please add a message noting “Helping Hands”)
  • With your help, we’ve reached our goal for Target gift cards! Thank you!

We've Exceeded Our Goal - Thank you for Giving!

Thanks to all the company matches that will continue to trickle in, we would like to announce that we have hit our annual give goal of $80,000! Thank you to our entire community for your generosity! And if you can, please consider amplifying your donation by submitting your tax-deductible donation to any employer matching programs (Federal ID #91-1479413).

Since our community reached our Annual Give goal, the Whittier PTA will be working with Principal Watters to host an all-school party; more details to follow! Thank you again for supporting the Whittier PTA and Whittier community. Go Wildcats!

Become a PTA Member!

Last month, we kicked off the Whittier PTA’s membership drive. It’s not too late to sign-up for this school year! Here are a few reasons why it is valuable to join the PTA and become a member:

  1. Support your child(ren) as well as all Whittier children: Your dues, ideas, and feedback contribute to curriculum enrichment programs and events that create opportunities for our students.
  2. Make your voice heard: Vote on decisions and initiatives that shape our children’s education and school lives.
  3. Be a vital part of our school community: Collaborate with other members of the Whittier community to create a supportive and enriching environment for all learners.

If any of these reasons is compelling to you, or if you simply forgot to renew your membership for this school year (reminder that you have to renew every school year!), please join here. Scholarship opportunities are also available. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions at Thank you!

Calling All Handy Humans to Help with New Playground Equipment

Whittier PTA is excited to announce funding has been approved for a Gaga Ball pit to be installed on our blacktop! We’re aiming for a late Winter/early Spring installation so this year’s 5th graders have a chance to enjoy this popular activity. This new piece of 20′ diameter octagon will feature a swinging ADA door, rubber safety mats, and wooden sides. And we need your help to finish this project! 

We’re looking for any handy humans to help contribute and coordinate the following tasks: 

  • Pick up pre-ordered lumber and drop it off for prep (pick-up or long-bodied vehicle needed)
  • Cut lumber into required sizes, including a few angled cuts to support framing the ADA entry
  • Stain, seal, and temporarily store wood 
  • On installation day, attaching wood pieces to prepared components with electric drills
  • On installation day, help prepare blacktop (using push brooms)
  • On installation day, help lay down rubber mat tiles on prepared blacktop
If any of these tasks are in your wheelhouse, please reach out to Kate Scher; we’ll follow-up with a sign-up opportunity and details once delivery dates have been confirmed. We’re so excited for our Wildcats to enjoy a new recess activity in 2024! 

3rd Grade Staff Appreciation - Let's Stock the Lounge!

Each month a different grade provides goodies for Staff Appreciation. 3rd Grade families are up for December – and we are stocking the lounge with snacks, treats and beverages to keep our staff fueled into the New Year.

  • Sign up HERE 
  • Please drop off items to the office by Friday, December 15th. 
  • Please clearly all items “Staff Appreciation.”

We will set up the spread in the lounge for the staff on their first day back from winter break.  Email if you have any questions. Thank you!

Amazing Work, Wildcats!

Our Wildcats worked together with local artist, BT, to create an incredible welcome banner, now hanging in our main hallway. Thank you to Mr. Buck and the Creative Advantage team for making this opportunity a reality!

From Our Community

Sign-ups Open for All Gender Youth Basketball

Seattle Parks & Rec Youth Basketball League registration is now open for ages 8-17. Fee is $120 for the season with practices starting in December and games in January.

Learn more and register >>

PROPS Youth Lacrosse registration is now open!

Volunteer run rec-program that is committed to being a supportive environment for all athletes. Emphasis is on good sportsmanship, effort, and fun. All new and returning players are welcome.

  • Grades 1-8
  • All players welcome; adheres to boys’ rules & equipment
  • PROPS Lacrosse is for youth in the Ballard High School, Ingraham High School, and Nathan Hale High School catchment zones
  • No prior experience necessary
  • US Lacrosse Membership required ($30)
  • “The Academy” for grades 1-2 is free; no equipment required. This level is skills training and non-contact.
  • Grades 3-8 season dues are $295, uniform cost approximately $100, and an equipment package (helmet, pads, gloves, stick, cleats, protective cup, and mouthguard) required. Financial aid is avaialble.
  • First time players can use loaner equipment.
  • Practices start in February and are twice a while at Whitman Middle School or Loyal Heights playfield. Games begin in March on Saturdays.

Learn more and register >>

Questions? Contact

Thank you, Wildcats!

The Wildchat: 11/07/2023

November 7, 2023

There's Still Time to Shine!

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 8.24.45 AM

We're 50% towards this year's $80,000 Annual Give fundraising goal, so we've extended our fundraising campaign!

Your Wildcat received an Annual Give flyer and envelope on 10/31 in their backpack! We’re asking every Wildcat to complete the Annual Give form and return it in their envelope by 11/17. If you’ve already donated, thank you! Please check “Donated online!” on your form when you turn it in. If you haven’t, complete the form and make a donation online. Lost your form? Download a new one to print here.

Every Wildcat that returns their envelope by 11/17 will be automatically entered into a raffle to win either a signed Seahawks football or signed Seahawks jersey. And the first class to reach 100% participation by turning in all their envelopes will get a special cookie or donut celebration!

How to Make a Donation

  • OnlineOne-time and recurring payments available
  • By check (made payable to Whittier PTA): attach your check to the “Wildcats Shine” Response Card and return it in the yellow envelope via KidMail or in the mail slot at the school’s front entrance.
  • Employer Matching: Amplify your gift by participating in your employer’s Corporate Matching Program. Don’t know if your company offers employer matching? Visit our Employer Matching page to determine next steps.

Why Do We Need to Fundraise?

Whether you’re a seasoned SPS family or just joining the community, you may be confused about the role PTAs play in funding at SPS schools. SPS’ funding model relies on PTAs to support essential staff and services at schools, including contributing to staffing dollars for our school nurse, literacy specialist, our arts and PE specialist rotation, and more. Learn more about what Annual Give dollars will fund this year.

Whittier PTA has to meet its annual fundraising goals to continue supporting essential staff and services at the same level next year.

Thank You, Wildcats, for an Amazing Fall Festival!

Thanks to our incredible community for braving the cold in your creative costumes to celebrate Fall! From decorating pumpkins to taking photos to eating bear-shaped cotton candy to dancing in Mr. Pule’s transformed PE Palace, we had an unbelievable time connecting and laughing. A huge thank you to the 50+ volunteers who helped make this event happen: 

  • Chris Wilcynski
  • Leah Lansberry
  • Rebecca Grandin
  • Jill Muscatel
  • Owen McCabe
  • Sandy Hawley
  • Shannon Blackman
  • Katie Kreiger
  • Ellie Kim
  • Jeff Stone
  • Jennifer Foreman
  • Sara Lukas
  • Jess Templeton
  • Ashley Ward Gaspard
  • Courtney Hillman
  • Amanda Johnson
  • Erin Lancione
  • Angie Lundstedt
  • Kate Scales
  • Anna Reeve
  • Matt Reeve
  • Jeff Stone
  • Melissa Caviezel
  • David Curran
  • Ashley Sullivan
  • Matthew Sullivan
  • Larishna Catuncan
  • Emily Robertson
  •  Avery Zerbey
  • Chris Twardzik
  • Johnny Hartsfield
  • Courtney Miller
  • Caroline Gross
  • Megan Herscher
  • Sarah Okun
  • James Grandin
  • Eamon Ford
  • David Peabody
  • Rachel Wold
  • Brian Wold
  • Melinda Nett
  • Megan Wildenradt
  • Joni Larson
  • Alice Berman
  • Megan Herscher
  • Jared Cortese
  • The 37 families who donated desserts for our Cake Walk
  • Mr. Pule for helping set up the Glow Zone
  • Our amazing teachers and staff that helped us celebrate (complete with Bob Ross painting!)
  • A special thanks to Jess TwardzikMelissa IvancevichLaura Zingg, and Kate Scher for coordinating Fall Festival and making this event such a success.

TONIGHT! Supporting Gender-Diverse Youth Workshop

How do our words and actions help support a gender-diverse community? This event will help all of us to be strong allies, regardless of our child’s identity, and to be prepared to have affirming conversations with our children, their peers, and community members about gender-diverse identities. Featuring presenter Sam Cristol, M.Ed. (they/he), program coordinator in the Health Education Office at Seattle Public Schools.

  • Tuesday November 7, 2023
  • 6pm-8pm
  • Whittier Elementary School (1320 NW 75th Street, Seattle, WA 98117)
  • FREE Workshop for Caregivers & Grownups
  • Childcare provided for kids ages 3+
  • Snacks and drinks will be available
  • Learn more: 

Mark Your Calendars! Other Upcoming Events

This Fall is going fast! Here’s what to plan for through 2023:

  • 11/7: Ballots due!
  • 11/7: Supporting Gender-Diverse Youth Workshop
  • 11/10: No School – Veteran’s Day
  • 11/14: PTA Meeting
  • 11/15: School Board Meeting (hear the latest on the SPS budget crisis and share your voice!)
  • 11/15: 4th Grade Hosted Staff Appreciation
  • 11/17: Gratitude Assembly (K-2)
  • 11/20-24: No School – Conferences, Thanksgiving, Native American Heritage Days
  • 11/21: Family Ice Skating at the Kraken Community Iceplex
  • 11/30: Book Fair and Literacy Night
  • 12/15: 1-hr Early Dismissal
  • 12/18-1/1: No School – Winter Break

Psst–be sure you’re connected to Konstella and in the right classroom(s) for the latest event postings, announcements, and for teacher appreciation conversations hosted by your Room Reps

4th Grade Families - November Staff Appreciation

Each month a different grade provides goodies for Staff Appreciation. 4th Grade families are up for November – and we are setting up a taco bar dinner, to power the staff though the start of conferences on the 15th and fill their hearts (and stomachs) before break. Sign up here

Please drop off items to the office by 12pm on Wednesday, Nov. 15th. Let the office know if your items need to be refrigerated. Please clearly label all items “Staff Appreciation 11/15.”  Email us if you have any questions. THANK YOU! 

Reminder: Join Us for This Year's PTA Meetings

Everyone is invited to join us at our monthly PTA meetings! Members can vote on important issues and everyone is invited to share their voice. Save these dates to join us from 7-8pm!

  • Tues, November 14 (in-person at the Library & over Zoom)
  • Tues, January 9 (Zoom)
  • Tues, February 13 (Zoom)
  • Tues, March 12 (in-person at the Library & over Zoom)
  • Tues, April 16 (Zoom)
  • Tues, May 7 (in-person at the Library & over Zoom)
Password is always “wildcats.” Questions about PTA meetings? Please contact us. 

Creative Advantage brings Community Artists to the Forefront

In 2022, SPS approached Principal Watters about participating in a new program called Creative Advantage, a city-wide initiative designed to support arts-focused learning in schools by connecting student learning experiences with community artists. As a pilot school, a dedicated group of staff, led by Mr. Buck, and parent volunteers have met regularly to craft a multi-year program vision. Navigating lots of ideas (and a little red tape), the team brainstormed a vision for this school year that kicked off last week. 

A Welcome Banner that Reflects All Wildcats

For the Creative Advantage team’s first project at Whittier, students will work directly with local artist Brandon Thomas (known as BT) and Mr. Buck to generate and design symbols and graphics representing their Whittier community. Students will draw their symbols on the final banner, which will surround custom lettering featuring the phrase “You Belong Here” and artwork created by BT. The finished sign will be mounted in the Main Hallway and is planned to be unveiled in time for Parent Teacher Conferences later in November. 

What's Next?

Driven by the Creative Advantage team, SDOT has also approached our school with an opportunity to help customize artwork installed to support 13th and 14th Ave NW’s transition into permanent School Streets. The team intends to use and extend Wildcats’ work from the Welcome Banner project to transform 13th and 14th Ave NW into trail and waterway-themed street art that celebrates our neighborhood’s history and present. Created in collaboration with a 13th street resident, Whittier parent, and designer, the team is working to ensure the final design celebrates our community with an everlasting sensibility.

The team also continues to plan two more arts opportunities, intended for this year: a visual art project for Whittier’s lower level stairwell and a potential guest residency to support Ms. Steph’s Africa unit in Performing Arts.

Thanks and kudos to Brennan Buck for his leadership and organization as Creative Advantage team lead. Go Wildcats!

Community Safety Concerns in our Neighborhood

You may have heard about criminal attacks targeting area middle- and high-school students in our neighborhoods. While SPS and SPD work together to help navigate a path forward, we want to be sure families stay alert, particularly during afternoon pick-ups from school and after care programs. 

Here are some safety tips shared by Ballard High Schools principal to help community members stay safe:

  • Talk with your family about personal safety.
  • If you see or experience a crime, call 911 immediately.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings.
  • Put away their cell phones while walking. Electronics should be out of sight, and jewelry worn discreetly.
  • Develop a plan before trouble occurs:
    • Crossing a street or entering a store may get you out of a potentially bad situation.
    • If a car follows you or beckons you while you are walking, do not approach it. Instead, turn and quickly walk in the opposite direction.

Tell your kids! Reflections Art Contest Call for Entries!

Help us spread the word to your kids and showcase your student’s creativity!  The PTA invites all Whittier students to participate in this year’s contest with the theme, “I am hopeful because…”  
Students can submit art in 8 categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts.  There is a Special Artist Division for students who identify as having a disability and receive services under IDEA or ADA: Section 504.  Students may enter in the Special Artist division or the grade division most closely aligned to their abilities.  
Students can pick up a submission form in the office or use the downloadable form.  Present the submissions in person to the office or electronically to the Whittier PTA Reflections Program Chair by November 17th!  
For more information on the categories, visit the Washington State PTSA Reflections websiteor contact our Whittier PTA Reflections Program Chair.  

Thank you, Wildcats!